Aerial Grommet replacement - how to?

Morning all!

One of my major sources of boot leaking seems to be the aerial grommet, quite perished!
Bought new part, now need to replace

anyone here have a practical easy step by step to do this?..would be appreciated

Remove the aerial mast/motor complete. (in collapsed state)
Replace aerial grommet, reinstall mast/motor assy.


I think there are one or more write-ups with details on this site. I recently did this (and more, since I needed to replace the mast as well and the outside-the-car installation for it wouldn’t work). Here’s what I did on my 1992 VDP to remove the motor assembly: 1) removed the right side trunk covering, 2) unbolted the motor assembly ground strap, 3) disconnected the coax antenna feed, 4) lossened two nuts (don’t need to remove them) at bottom of motor assembly, 5) pulled assembly out, 6) removed old grommet pieces (there’s a small rubber ring attached to the tippy top of the aerial housing - do not remive this ring), 7) applied soapy water to new grommet and pushed it through the fender hole (note it is tapered to align with the fender contour, 8) pushed the motor assembly mast housing through new grommet (I had to give it some force before it popped in place), 9) connect everything back up. Note you might not need to do 2 and 3 if you have enough slack on those cables.

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Many Thanks @Rog and to @motorcarman

will get on it soon