Affordable E-type is there such a thing?

OK, stop laughing. I am looking for a tired, ragged old cat. Even a 2+2 will do. I don’t care if it has an engine or transmission. I will consider most anything to get one back in my garage. thanks. ron

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I hear this one might be for sale…the VW powerplant should keep maintenance costs down :wink:

Coughing in my coffee at this one :slight_smile:

The color is appropriate.

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Keep looking on craigslist and such and hope something pops up…
what should it cost and what should it do is the question!

Now, I like rat rods… this one?

Is…verrrry interestink.

Hope it’s got a well-built 2180 innit…:smirk:

If there is THAT much visible rust, it’s almost a guarantee it’ll need ALL the tin, from the doors down, side-to-side, replaced, plus very likely the VERY expensive front frames.

I used to live on a farm. Not familiar with the term ‘barn fresh’.


What kind of $$ are you looking to spend?

Is that a dark Sable?

“Mocha Turd” with a cream tint

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My standard 4.2 coupe was 120 grand a year ago now they average 80 in driver condition.
Wait just a bit longer they are all dropping unless really rare or concourse.
There are so many in between…about 70,000 to be exact.
A series 2 , 2+2 can be had in the teens.
30 percent of pebble cars sold last weekend.
Theres a big shift coming, youll get your car.
If it were me again, find a shell,
If your going to tell us you have 3 grand to spend, see you in the next life………
Good luck my friend

But I got mine for $2300…

In 1982 :rofl::joy:

Didn’t you mention a few months ago that Hagerty we’re going to revise their E-type prices downward?

Is that happening?

Signs of a recession on the horizon… collectables are the first spending cut, then entertainment and restaurants, then everything else.

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Oh yeah

That guy is going to owe a lot of money…

I don’t understand your comment. Who’s ‘that guy’?

…and yet some others say flight to collectible cars is the norm during recessions. Don’t ever try to guess the market… I mean with anything other than discretionary income.

This isn’t a recession issue, its an evolution issue.
It wont take long.