After market, but new, SU carbs

Hi there, just wondering if anyone has experience of new, but after market, SU carbs - I found these offered by Barrett.

Yes I’m switching out the Strombergs and am in the process of deciding between SU and Weber (but not looking to open up that debate). For cost/originality/performance these after market SU seem good value as a complete kit - but only if they work well out the box!

Experience and views of these type of repro SU is welcome.


It would be worth the ask but I suspect these are made by Burlen Fuel Systems in the UK. They own the SU brand now. So it would be as close to OEM as one could get.

Thanks i’ll check on that and let you know.

They are made by Burlen. No one else makes them. They will be excellent quality.

That’s what I’d imagine but SNG has two different price levels, one for SU and one for aftermarket. Maybe in both kits the carbs are authentic SU but in the cheaper ones the manifold comes from somewhere else?

I bought these aftermarket triple SUs , they were made by Burlen as suggested above, replaced my US spec set up, these carbs are excellent quality. Lots of linkage changes needed.

Buelen’s SU website says they re the sole manufacturer of SU carbs, fuel pumps and spares.

As you say, SNGB have different kits and 3 different manifolds.

They are the same manifold, just different levels of polishing.

Richard Liggitt

FIVE freakin’ thousand dollars??

I’ll stick with my Strongbirds…:persevere:

Hi, a few years ago I installed new SU carbs from Burlen made in the UK. They made a noticeable difference in the power, and are extremely adjustable. I have since heard from a professional carb rebuilder that the carbs are now made in China…they are not worth the money. I think my carbs were about $1200.00 new.

…and that’s before you add the air cleaner and distributor changes you’ll need to make.

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Im thinking of going to triple Strombergs - should give 99 % of the power of the Su s .Just need a new manifold and one CD-2 . The only problem I can see is the Stroms seem wider , so not sure how 3 will fit in the space where 2 went .

Indeed, and for the cost of a good rebuild and a 123 dizzy, you’d have virtually the same performance as the triples.

Thanks everyone this is really helpful.

The engine has already been rebuilt to fast road spec (distributor changed already) so i just need to decide on a decent tuneable carb setup.

My alternative is the Webers from Rob Beere (includes linkage, air cleaner and purpose built manifold, so good value bolt on and go) - i have some other parts from him and they are excellent quality.

Need to think this through a little bit more…

Overall–having deep experience with both SUs and Webers–my view is properly tuned SUs are going to be orders of magnitude easier to set up.

It takes a rolling road, and a huge cache of (now) quite expensive parts to properly set up Webers.

It also takes a person who is intimately aware of the many nuances of Webers.

Has anyone tried a Jenvey’s EFI system on an E ? From the outside they look like Webers. If I were considering a major $$ swap I think I would look hard at something like this too.

68 E-type FHC

Be aware that the stronbergs are 1.75” on a 2” manifold. The SU’s are 2 inch. I chose to keep the old manifold and use 2 SU carbs. I modified the air cleaner and throttle linkage to work.

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Jenvey site is bout $5500 all in, no free lunch there. I really wonder how many carbs do you need to run a 4.2L 6 cyl. engine to 5000rpm?

I think Bill nailed the S-2 sweet spot with 2 SUs. But none of it will provide an increase without a proper performance ignition advance curve.

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Or in the case of the Jenvey, additional thousands for EFI hardware.

Jaguar was never unsure as to that number: but we owners are sure we know better than the Engineers.