After market, but new, SU carbs

I always thought this EFI system for a ZS carb replacement looked interesting too. Not sure if they have one set up to work well for an XK though.

68 E-type FHC

I dont see there’d be an issue in modifying the fuel map to accommodate an XK engine.

I remember when Patton first came up with this, and thought it brilliant.

Ok after a lot of soul searching i bought the SU carbs from SNG - i figured that the cost difference was not too much especially if i needed extra kit and a rolling road setup on the webers.

I wont lie my wallet is stinging - but with the engine rebuild, suspension rebuild, new exhausts respray and the rest… i couldn’t skimp on this detail.

I’ll report back on the kit when it arrives tomorrow…


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Ok, so time to update this thread… but not quite close it…

The new SU Carbs arrived from SNG a few weeks back but i only got round to putting them together today.

They really are great quality and the kit is complete with pretty much everything you need, including the linkages. The main complaint i have is that there were no instructions, so quite a lot of web searching and problem solving was required. I also bought the Mangoletsi cable conversion, also excellent quality - this did come with instructions which were ok, but as with the service manual require several read throughs to comprehend.

Anyway all this is super except i think i may have been supplied 2x AUD112F + 1x AUD112C carbs when there should be 1x AUD112F + 2x AUD112C carbs. Basically, once it was all assembled i noticed i have the vacuum advance fitting at the front and rear. Pics on the interweb suggest my configuration is wrong.

Can anyone comment on this? Id rather not strip it and set up the throttles again, is it a disaster? can i blank off the rear vac advance? Or should it actually be there?

I’m sure you can block that port with no issue. You could also remove the fitting entirely and plug the tiny hole. It will just look a little funny.

Looks nice. I would recommend you maintain the original throttle setup. It is a far superior design. It is also progressive in that when you start applying throttle at the pedal, the carb throttles open slower than at further pedal positions. The one you have opens quicker from the get go making it a bit more difficult to modulate around town. Just finished sorting one out. When I got it, the pedal was 2" higher than the brake pedal. When fully depressed, the carbs were only at half throttle. And this had been installed by a pro shop. Save your original pieces as I know at least one owner that would like to go back to original.

Bit of a hi-jack of this thread but if anyone has a twin Strom car with EDIS or similar ignition map, that works well and provides additional performance over the std Jaguar advance per the dizzy…I would like to get a copy if possible.

I could of course go through the exercise myself and try a myriad of settings but if someone has already done it, well, it saves a lot of time and stop and go…:slight_smile:

Bit extreme paying top dollar and then messing about to change a carb body. The float bowl lids are all the same too, which is wrong.

Hi Dick, I agree, if the carbs were supplied by Burlen they are probably Chinese. About 7 or 8 years ago when Burlen first announced they were going to make new carbs, I jumped on it. My were made in England and I have to say they were noticeably better than my rebuilt carbs. New is new! Now they are offshored to China and I have heard similar complaints about setting them up. It didn`t take much for me to set them up and I must say they do not need a lot of maintenance.

The float bowl is “correct” for the front carb they sent him. :neutral_face: It appears he was sent two front carbs, and not a rear carb, that would have the correct float bowl lid, and no vacuum connection. I’d call the supplier. Somewhere there is another set with two rear carbs, and no front one.

Yep thanks all. I’ll give Barratt’s a call on Monday to get this sorted - the issue with the lid on the rear float bowl likely explains why the fuel rail is a difficult fit too.

Thanks, interesting points. I’m refurbing and keeping all the old parts so the car can go back to stock if needed in the future. The old linkage is already plated up nice and shiny.


… if anyone has a twin Strom car with EDIS or similar ignition map, that works well and provides additional performance over the std Jaguar advance per the dizzy…I would like to get a copy if possible…

Les, I initially had a twin strommies on my S2 and ran Edis. The map that worked best was the standard one that you can find here:
Edis has transformed completely the drive, never going back to dizzy.
Then i got lucky grabbing a new Burlen triple SU kit and made the swap. Frankly, performance wise no much change noticed except in high revs. The kit was completely assembled unlike what Richard has now received, and ready to fit tune drive.

I think Dick was referring to the non-standard linkage/throttle progression, not the carbs.

Yes, just referring to the linkage. I have installed the reproduction carbs with no issue. The rear carb has the wrong float bowl cover. That is a mistake, not a design of the repro carbs.

Ah I don’t think you mentioned that. That is quite bad. The rail needs to align very well or it will leak. You can’t use the banjo threads to force it into shape or the caps can easily crack.

For illustration, here is the FZX 3060 Burlen kit which you get in a nice box:

Sounds suspiciously like the voice of experience. :rofl:

Or cross thread and strip out the aluminum. Not that I have ever seen that happen.:roll_eyes:

Nope I avoided problems by bending mine the small amount necessary to align perfectly. It sealed easier after.