Aftermarket parts

Well it’s been a slow train coming. I have previously discussed the price and condition of the 2002.5 S Type that I bought in Aus, unroadworthy and unregistered.
There was plenty to do but I soon had the Jag on the road. One of the first things i did was replace the rear tie rods as the outer ends were well past their use by date. At some point… and after other work on the car I noticed the car felt unstable/floaty/free-play? but couldn’t get to the bottom of it.(I suspected the front end) (a number of wheel alignments done) So I eventually surrendered to a local Jaguar specialist who diagnosed the problem as excessive play in the aftermarket rear tie-rods which gave the rear wheels a mind of their own and were steering the car from the rear. Happy to give more information if anyone is interested. Pictures show different construction tie rods…inside and outside are different lengths. only shown to differentiate OEM part

Well here it is… the bottom of the “nylon/plastic” cup has worn through and broken, allowing fore and aft movement of the tie rod.
Bottom of the ball was rough so it looks like that assisted the failure. Cup could well have been from cheap or inappropriate material?..No way to check when you buy them!