Ahoy ! New to the X300 Forum

Hello, All:
Merely wish to say Hello.
I am on several other Jag-lovers forums.
My first Jaguar was a Series II XJ; and, now, I’ve become curious (that’s not a good thing when it comes to Jaguars, is it ?) of post-Series III XJs and, thought I’d hang-out and listen-in.
Greater Metro Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Welcome, RC … may we call you “RCcola”? j/k … Sorry, got thumped the other day by a reg on one of the others forums as to my nickname for him … :frowning_face: I tell people that if I come up with an innovative nickname for you it’s b/c I like you, but to some people (esp. the old grumpy types - wait, that’s almost me :blush: ) that’s often irrelevant it seems …

Anyway, are you thinking of buying possibly an X-300, X-308, or X-350, or just waiting to see what you learn on here before deciding on which model? As to me, if I had it to do over again, I would go with a X-300, like my original '96, “Scrapper” … Simpler engine (and other things), no transmission flaws, less computer stuff, no cheap timing chain tensioners to worry about breaking, and NO CHIPPED KEYS unlike with the X-308 and their progeny … :smile_cat:

btw, I see you are in Chicago metro … There are a couple of cars dealers on Ebay in that vicinity that will sometimes have a very nice Jag sedan of our vintage for sale on there … usually overpriced, IMHO, but sometimes they will snag a buyer who is willing to pay their full asking price … When you’ve made a decision as to model, I’d keep an eye on them to see what they have and then start negotiating … The nice thing about being where you are it is easy to go over and check the car out in person before you buy … I think one of those dealers is in the suburb of “Lombard” “Lombardi” or something like that ? :confused:

Oh, and just noticed you also have a '92 (“hybrid”) 5.3 XJS, like my Superblack (which is a coupe, though) … cool … We are a rare breed of owners indeed … :sunglasses: Well, if you have one of those, you KNOW what “Jag trouble” can be like … so I give you credit for hanging out in here and getting “educated” before deciding on which model sedan to go with … :+1:

Well, thank you for mixing me in with Royalty - the House of Cola. I’m honoured. Perhaps I’ll get a better table at restaurants. Ha ! (Interesting history has Royal Crown Cola).
No offense taken. All good comraderie.

Waiting to learn before deciding - This is basically it; but, to be honest, 'tis really more the case of learning why I should not allow my scantly informed slide down the inclination - for the reasons mentioned here - toward an '96 - '97 (final year?) X-300.

Yes, “Lombard” is a sub-urban town near Chicago. Known for its annual lilac festival and, a Jens Jensen designed lilac park.

Richard C.
Greater Metro Chicago, Illinois; U.S.A.

Yup, '92 “hybrid” 5.3L. Convertible.
Best Regards,
Richard C.
Greater Metro Chicago, Illinois; U.S.A.