Air Cleaner Bracket Color

Is there an official color for the air cleaner bracket on a S1 FHC? My original picture led me to believe it was body color:

So that’s what I went with, but I notice most are black, so I’m not sure. My air cleaner canister is black FWIW. I don’t see any reference to it in the judging guides. What is the consensus?

Rick OBrien
65 FHC in FL

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Semi gloss black.


Black… but unless you care about being judged…

These don’t actually mention the bracket, but may be of use to you elsewhere.

Semi gloss black also confirmed by a couple friends with original low mileage trailer queens. Interestingly, I also learned the bolt securing the bracket in the wheel well does not have a flat washer under it although it looks naked without it. Like this:

SPC alludes to this too. Just looks odd. Probably trying to save weight.

Do yourself a big favor and find an appropriate size nylon push nut (like in this picture) for the center bolt that attaches the canister to that mounting bracket. The original configuration uses a bolt coming from the canister with washer and nut underneath the bracket, and it is a real bear to try to reach under and get those fitted. With a nylon push nut on the bracket, you simply have to insert the bolt from the top down - much, much easier.

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If that’s your photo, you might be in the mood to sell a couple nylon push nuts. If so, please pm me.


Me too! (plus enough characters to get to 20)

Rick OBrien

Sorry, I just pulled the photo off the web. And if I had any, I’d be glad to drop them in the mail, no charge.

I think you can find them at Home Depot and similar stores, and you should be able to find some in auto parts stores too. I’ve found them at a well-equipped hardware store too. The key will be getting ones that are for larger size bolts, not something like a #8 screw.

Here are some from Home Depot that would take a 1/4" fastener, though I don’t know if these would properly fit the slot in the bracket. It doesn’t have to be a real strong connection as the canister is sitting on top of the bracket, and the side bracket seems to do most of the holding the canister in place.

Trying fit my air canister a few months ago, I think my repeated cursing disturbed the neighborhood tranquility such that I was expecting a nasty notice from the HOA, so I went in search of a better solution. These worked great, and it was a much better solution than having a doctor put an extra joint in my arm halfway up my wrist so I could reach the damn nut underneath.

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The first time I needed to remove my air cleaner canister I enlarged the hole in the support bracket and installed a rubber grommet so that the bolt in the canister fitted right into it. The upper bracket is quite enough to hold the canister in place.

My S1 has had a round nylon push nut since I got it in 1980. I thought it was original.

Ditto on both Series IIs I’ve owned. The hole in the bar is sized for one.

My understanding is the fitting was changed for the S2 and the S1s (and 1.5s) all had the separate bolt and nuts, but it is a common modification. Unfortunately the original version of the push nut doesn’t seem available anymore.

Here’s the S1:

And the S2:

I just welded a 1/4-20 nut under the bracket.

That works if you know exactly where it should be on the slot. I had to slide mine around a little to find a spot where the side bracket matched best and whole canister was pushed as outboard as the slot would allow to make the snorkel fit best.

I’m really surprised Jaguar didn’t go with the sliding captive nuts they used just about everywhere else. They certainly had the technology. Cost no doubt.


Yeah, that’s fine until you over torque the screw and strip the threads. :scream: :rofl: :smiling_imp: :innocent:

I have actual proper training: I don’t overtorque 1/4-20 bolts… Especially those holding on a glorified waste basket!