Air Cleaner Plenum Manifold

Peter wrote:
“I’ve included a shot of a 2.5 versus a 3.5 intake plenum for these canisters. The differences are subtle - only the size and position of the holes to match the different carburettors.”

Now me:
I too am in need of the correct plenum for an early 2-1/2 L engine.
It appears to be part 3072.

What I have has the number 3072 and a 3 and A. It doesn’t fit right, as Peter said, wrong hole spacing.

Here are the dimensions of the one I need.

Can anyone help me here, confirm 3072 or provide the correct markings, dig in their shed, look for one at auto jumbles?

I will have the incorrect one for sale or trade equal value when I find the right one.