Air con blower unit

Hey, new Jag owner from Estonia here! Yesterday bought XJ40 4,0 1991. Cabin blower not working. Checked wirering and this seems to be ok. I remowed this air con blower and all things there need to be replaced. Blower motor, speed unit, relays. My question is can I buy somewhere the complete air con blower unit? Sorry my bad english, is not my mother language :slight_smile:

There are a few used ones for sale on Ebay UK

Hi Peeter, Your English is fine, I wish I could speak and write Estonian as good as you can speak and write English !
The cabin blower problem is well known and there is a lot of information on the site to help you sort it out including details on the most likely components inside the blower unit to fail.
As Larry has already pointed out you can usually find a blower assembly on E.bay but they changed slightly throughout the production run so make sure you find the correct one if you decide to look there.
It is often the case that only the relays, a resistor or the Darlington transistor is at fault and if you are handy with a soldering iron your existing blower unit could be repaired. The parts required are only small electronic items so the postage will be a lot less than for a complete blower assembly. The components most likely to need replacement are all listed and also how to go about replacing them.

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And sometimes it’s the fuse boxes! Check for continuous 12v on brown/blue tracer wire, hot even with ign off.

Blower motor not working , I tried connect 12V, moves little if I help and stops after second. And resistor is all covered with oxide and broken. Relays maybe I can clean (they are rusty). Continuous 12V is ok on Brown/Blue wire. Yesterday I saw somewhere blower motor 35Β£ but can`t find this site anymore :frowning:

Peeter, don’t forget there are 2 blowers in the β€˜40 so you will need to look at the other one as well.

Robin, I now that :slight_smile: Thank`s to all writers! I found right side blower from Ebay UK and ordered it. Sad, that shipping takes two-three weeks to Estonia.

Got today blower and replace it. And it works!