Air Con for Pos Earth Mk 2

Has anyone put in air con in their Pos Earth MK 2? All the kits I’ve seen are neg earth. As mine has only done 82,000 miles I do not want to change it over as it’s all original except for the EZ power steering which can easily be taken out and the old put back.

I’m expecting that you are still running the standard 25 amp generator? In which case, even allowing for diversity (between demands on the unit), you will be pushing the boundaries too far. The air conditioner evaporator, the ezi steering and (perhaps?) an existing thermatic fan will have the old girl running too hard. Expect that you will need an auxiliary fan to cool the condensor, in any case, if still running the standard fan. Let us know just what you have and we can provide more help.

If you’re concerned about originality, you’re going to have to make bigger modifications to the car than swapping from a generator to an alternator. The kits that mount the evaporator core in the engine bay require holes to be cut in the firewall. If you’re going with a trunk mounted unit it’s less obtrusive but there are still holes to be made.
I’m putting a modern trunk-mounted unit in my 420. I upgraded the stock alternator to a more modern CS-130 unit that does 105 amps. Between the AC unit, the two electric radiator fans, and the normal electrical draw 90 amps was the lowest I could go.

I have the parts for the original boot AC unit. Not sure if it’s complete, but what I have is cheap.

Once again I encourage all posters to update their information so it shows where on the globe they are located. Proximity often assists mutual assistance or swapping of parts. Some forums require a location to be listed.

Paul, I purchased a 1965 Mk2 (positive ground) which came with the Delinare (?) air conditioning unit mounted in the trunk. It’s my understanding that this was a dealer installed option as the factory did not provide this accessory (something about those whiny American colonists expecting cool in the summer and heat in the winter).

The only electrical draw would be two fans located in the evaporator and the electric clutch on the compressor. These fans were about the size of the fan blowing on the heater matrix The car had the standard generator.

2 holes were punched on the driver side of the engine Bay to take the high and low Freon from the compressor to the evaporator. The parcel shelf behind the rear seat ha to be modified to take the intake and exhaust of the evaporator. I know this was an original installation - when I took out the evaporator, I found the carjack still attached at its original location. Obviously, the prior owner never had to change a tire.

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Once again I encourage all posters to update their information so it shows where on the globe they are located. Proximity often assists mutual assistance or swapping of parts. Some forums require a location to be listed.

I guess it depends where you are in the world and what installation you are making. In Sydney a Mk2 would struggle to cool without an electric auxiliary fan if the condensor is mounted in front od the radiator. This would also affect condensor efficiency.

Paul, thanks for that after further research I realised for the kit I was looking at holes had to be made so that’s a no-go. Regarding my generator it pulls 13 volts at ideal so I have to look into that, I read some have put in a relay to keep the power up to the blower
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Hi Paul - where are you located? I’m in Sydney.

Thorsen, thanks what is the brand and model of your unit?
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After considerable research and trial-and-error, I went with the Old Air Dual Evaporator unit. It seemed like the best approach to keep my car cool and not hack up the dash.

Some details about the AC install are on my website - it’s a work in progress.

I detailed the alternator upgrade here.

I will say that I had access to the original AC unit that came with my car but decided to use modern components as I believe they are more efficient and will cool better.

Thorsen, thanks for the information I will look into it.
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We had the dealer installed unit on our 3.8 MK2 from 1963 to 1985 (in Texas).
It worked well. It had two condensers, one in front of the radiator and a second one under the front bumper. We had no electrical issues…

Might have been similar to this Coolaire system shown on this brochure for an S Type.

Yes, it was a Coolaire unit

Thanks everyone for your ideas, the boot mounted unit sounds like the best bet so I am looking at these.