Air con still too hot

S type 3lt 2006 auto
Just had the Aircon gas topped up which was very very low but still it’s not working. I’ve been told the compressor is ok as it kicks in ok. Any other ideas please to what the problem may be

Could be a number of things. First simply because the compressor clutch kicks on means only that you have sufficient refrigerant pressure to close the switch. Does the high pressure pipe from the compressor get hot? If not, there is a problem. Could be the blend flaps in the blower assembly are not operating. Could be the device regulating the refrigerant flow, TXV or orifice tube is broken. I don’t know which of the two devices this vehicle has. It needs to be checked by someone who has the correct knowledge to make a determination

There are several models of S Type. (3.0 or 4.0 or 4.2 as well as X200 or X202 etc.)

A MAKE MODEL YEAR will get you more info as there are known issues with each variant.

Jaguar issued TSBs for each VIN range so a solution for one car will not work for another.

Hi. It’s a S type 3 Lt 2006 auto.
The top pipe where the gas was filled got hot but the lower one by the wing was cold.
Thanks for your help

Thanks for your thoughts. The top pipe is hot but the lower one by the wing is cold.

Not sure which is the high pressure side on your compressor, but the recharge goes into the low pressure side. Low pressure(suction) side is always cold. Never will be hot. I’m thinking there is a bit of disconnect in the discussion, hopefully. If you don’t have access to a set of gauges, one can get do a rough troubleshoot by using the following to get a probable diagnosis.

The line coming off the high pressure side of the compressor should be very hot, is smaller diameter and heads to the condenser coil in front of the radiator. A line then comes off the condenser to the firewall with a temperature close to ambient. It then passes through either an orifice tube or an expansion valve, both of which reduce the flow of refrigerant so it can flash in the evaporator coil and cool the air passing through that coil. Follow the hot line and see if it follows the flow path I described. If so, and it is hot, the compressor is doing it’s job. Grab the larger diameter line coming from the firewall and see if it is cold, not just cool. If it is really cold, it indicates the orifice valve (or TXV)are most likely working. It would lead me to then think that the flaps In the blower box are not moving to open the air flow through the evaporator into the cockpit, which would require removal of the box in most vehicles to fix.

The simplest and least costly problem would be a compressor with bad valves or an external (engine bay located) metering valve needing changeout.

There are issues with the DCCV drawing too much current and damaging the control module circuit board copper traces.

Compressor issues.
JTB00183NAS1[1].pdf (142.3 KB)

The Dual Climate Control Valve itself can fail open OR closed.

This is why a VIN range is important. Some of the earlier TSBs or reported problem do not apply to the later cars.

Thank you for your help I definitely near a professional to sort this. I’ll have to get ringing round🤔