Air conditioner goes warm when the car is not moving

1995 X300. When I start the car up from cold the AC goes warm when I am standing still idling. Once the car starts rolling, even through a parking lot, the AC immediately gets cold again as it should. If I immediately hit a red light, it goes warm again. As long as there is air moving past the car it works fine. The problem mostly goes away once the engine is warmed up and the electric fans start kicking in. I have never had this problem before even in 100° weather so something has changed. I am wondering if there is some kind of relay or something that is supposed to turn on the electric fans when I turn on the air conditioning? Also, it does not help at all if I put the car in neutral and rev up the engine while standing still. But once I start rolling, even 15 or 20 mph, I immediately get nice cold air. Not low on refrigerant. It seems like there would have to be some kind of fan moving air past the condenser when the car is stopped for the AC to work properly? There is no belt driven fan on this car. Sorry for the long post.

Absolutely correct, the A/c selection should run the cooling fan at low speed to create airflow across the condenser.

Thanks for the help. I found an earlier post and looks like it might be a diode. Kind of beyond my knowledge but the thermostatic switch and relay is still turning on the cooling fan when the engine warms up so those are good. Someone posted a wiring diagram that I don’t totally understand but the diode might be the only suspect. This is a great forum.:+1:

Info we got when I worked at the dealer.

14-02 Air Conditioning Pressure Switches.pdf (26.5 KB)
14-04 Cooling System – Fan Fuse Failure.pdf (39.4 KB)
14-06 Cooling System Fan Fuse Failure.pdf (39.5 KB)

Thank you!