Air conditioning compressor

(toothboy) #1

Hello all,
I have a 1970 2+2 with air conditioning. I’ve been looking at some photos on-line and found that the compressor is standing upright or on its side. Anyone know what is correct or does it matter?

Thanks much

(Liam O) #2

Yours should be horizontal (on its side), The change happened about mid-69 manufacture. I don’t know the vehicle number(s) off the top of my head, but a rule of thumb would be that if your S2 is an early one with the cross-over pipe at the rear of the engine + AC, then the compressor will be vertical. After that, horizontal. Late S2+AC, with the flat air-filter and mid-engine cross-over pipe, are all horizontal compressor.

(69 FHC ) #3

Data point: February 7 1969 manufacture date, AC compressor sits upright.

(Steve) #4

Build date: Jan 14, 1969, at least my car got THAT right!

(Michael Frank) #5

Mine was manufactured May, 1969. Compressor upright.

(Bob Faster) #6

my Aug 7, 69 build was horizontal-ish !

(Martin Scherz) #7

The examples given show horizontal mounting always in cars with PS. This may be coincidence, but it may have to do with two different kinds of mounting brackets: one with PS (hor. mount) and one without PS (ver. mount). Mine is build date 6/70 with PS and hor. mount.

(Steve) #8

OK, the filter on the exhaust side in front of the radiator overflow tank with approx 7 or 8 inch diameter black canister, I thought my car wouldn’t have that because it didn’t have the crossover pipe which I’ve seen in other photos, but yours doesn’t have that either and it appears to have that filter. What is the filter? I’m wondering now if mine is missing. I know my car was missing the heater box.

(Bob Faster) #9

I think what you are looking at is the reservoir for the power steering on my car.