Air conditioning refill

What fluid or gas is used in the '97 XJ6 normally aspirated?

r134a. Do NOT buy a can with any sealants included. You want just the r134a refrigerant. Walmart sells it pretty inexpensively. Its a challenge to find the ones without sealants, but they exist.

i would get a manifold from harbor freight.

Thank you. I appreciate the quick reply. Will act on your advice tomorrow.

R134a exactly…a can or canister…then an application hose with a gauge. Some explanation to connect to the low pressure port (the “fat” hose/pipe)…and put some in watching the pressure…if you have a big enough leak it will not last. if it is in the dash…that then is a lot of work…lots…
Now…many would say…to evacuate first (best) but I filled my '95 miata (94 first year for 134a) without evacuation…and it still works today…some 27 years ago (it was dry Colorado) and we had a '95 Toyota Previa (on the road playing 4,000 shows) it leaked…we filled it leaked we filled…I am not going to RNR a dash…got by until rear ended in DC.
Mitch our website for curiosity or not…click on sample music…best

The AC Manifold from Harbor Freight will set you back a bit, but you will gain the tool to recharge your system at any time.

You will also need a self sealing r134a can tap. I’ve not had good luck with the cheap ones.

This one seems like a better one.

If you get to a point where you are replacing AC system parts, such as a condenser, dryer, valves, etc. You might want to keep an eye out for an AC vacuum pump. They come up on Craigslist.

If you’re simply recharging (for now anyways), then no need to pull a vacuum, unless you had a catastrophic leak. Usually the slow leaks maintain some kind of positive pressure in the system making a vacuum pull unnecessary. But it’s up to you.

Once you get:

  1. r134a manifold
  2. ac vacuum pump
  3. r134a can tap

You can pretty much service your AC completely.