Air Duct Paint Question

On a series 1 4.2 E, is the inside of the airducts, at the mouth of the bonnet, painted body color?

How are they painted? Even a small paint gun won’t fit inside the ducts to paint them very far back.

Dave Christensen

Yes, they are painted body color, and I would just spray them close, with very low pressure at first and then continue on painting the rest of the nose: that’s how it was done on Tweety.

Subsequently to that, when I got it back, I sanded all the surfaces with 320, and painted them flat black.

That is what I figured. They are not very visible. With all the pictures and books I have it is very hard to see inside the air ducts.


I used a basic airbrush, cut the handle off and screwed it sideways to a long dowel. The valve was taped open and I used another small air valve up stream near the end of the dowel that I was hanging on to. It was a bit messy but worked ok.

I’d bet they originally just got what the guy holding the spray gun hit it with when he was painting the bonnet mouth, no special guns or efforts to paint the inside of the ducts and make them pretty.

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