Air filter disassembly

Hello Jagies,

I want to zinc and powder coat my air filter assemblies but do not know how to take them apart.
i.e. the under-pressure dose closing the flap and the thermo valve (?) (see picture attached).
I just do not want to ruin the parts …

Thanks, Tom

I would think the strap is either spot weld or sweated onto the main body. Look for dimples if its spot welded or clean the area around the edges to see if you can see any colour differences, silver for solder or brassy colour for brazed.

Thx Robin ! To me it appears to be spot welded but either method would not allow nondestructive exchange of the underpressure dose ?! On the other side the bar is stuck in a slot but I guess it wont come out there easily either. I will probably drop galvanic zinc and will just carefully powder-coat by myself. I hope the thermovalve (2nd pic) can stand the temperature. This I thought would go off easily after the two hooks have been separated but maybrei have to apply more force there.