Air filter housing

(Gurnz) #1

1991 Daimler Sovereign. I removed the air filter housing to change the filter, and I cannot get this thing back on. What’s the secret? Why is this such a pain in the…??

( Larry ) #2

Agreed it is a pain to re-install!

You have to get the long ‘nose’ partially into the body hole and then twist the cover so it almost fits then force the rest of the nose into the hole past the grommet …Then get someone with tiny hands to secure the clips. :smile:

(Gurnz) #3

What a terrible design. I wonder if anyone has come up with a better system as a replacement.

( Larry ) #4

Like most things XJ40, you get used to it!

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(MarkON) #5

i did with my old 1990 , just cut off the piece from the MAF close to the filter box and fixed a pod filter . No problems .

(Jag.Man) #6

I’ve consider adapting a K&N filter to my '94 but I’m not a fan of the increased engine roar. I prefer to keep my cat subtle.

(Gurnz) #7

I was mostly thinking of cutting off the snorkel tube that goes into the fender hole, and replacing it with some sort of flexible tube.

(Casso) #8

I agree the air filter box is a pain to access and refit, K&N do make a filter identical in size and shape to the Jaguar one. Once fitted you can forget about it for at least 30,000 miles or more and there is no difference in how it sounds compared to the paper Jag version.

(Gurnz) #9

I hear ya. I’m just too stubborn to buy a $60 air filter. :slightly_smiling_face: