Air filter series 2

OK I have purchased a new air filter to replace a really grotty one. It looks so simple to install but I have now been trying for an hour to reassemble the air box and it just will not go back into place as it will not fit into the groove at the bottom. The filter is identical in size etc to the one that came out but I can’t see how it re fits unless you remove the brake servo ! Surely this cannot be correct? This is probably a stupid question but I’m struggling to fit the air box back!

Hi Bob, the Series 2 maybe different but on my Series 1, I have to slide the assembly (airbox and filter) along the groove until the end before ensuring that it’s sitting properly in the said groove and then buttoning up the clips. The fluted section of the filter is pointed towards the right hand mudguard (inside the box) of course! Paul.

Thanks Paul, I have now fitted it back after much skin loss on my knuckles! I had to do a bit of ‘surgery’ to make it fit. I didn’t think to use the method that you mention I must admit. It was a nightmare to refit the rubber connector too as the 2 metal intake pipes were not in alignment either. I hope it’s a while before I have to do this job again but I will remember your method next time.


yes, it it everything else but a simple drag’n’drop procedure, but it works well without any “surgery”. When I did it the first time I took notes somewhere - I forgot where;-) - that for removal and assembly the filter element has to go out and to go in with the cover. If you put the filter element on the “base” you won’t be able to get the housing over. Don’t worry though - the filter element will find its place once the housing is settled in the groove of the basis.

Better luck next time


75 XJ6L 4.2 aut (UK spec)


Perhaps that’s where I was going wrong as I put the filter element in first (in the part attached to the carburettor) then attempted to add the steel filter box on top. I also removed the diagonal brace as that was in the way. Also I didn’t realise that you are supposed to slide the filter box in along the groove on the bottom. All in all I was doing just about everything the wrong way! You live and you learn so they say. You have to wonder why It was designed this way!

Ahhh. It’s a Jag Bob. There’s a test or a frustration in just about everything. All the more euphoric when you work it out. Paul.

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Greek drama - you have to go through fear or compassion to achieve catharsis.

What’s more - this is a free and simple test for the competence and Jaguar-specific knowledge of mechanics: if you take your car to a self-appointed “specialist” and he or she keeps fumbling around you know for sure they’ve never been working on that kind of car …

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)


Thanks Jochen, I will keep persevering

Hi Paul, I have just re-read your post and I think that I have put the element in the wrong way! I have attached a photo showing the way that I have put it into the air box (using the old filter element sitting on top as an example). Is this wrong? I’m 90% certain that this was the way it was when I first opened it up.

Well, THAT explains a great deal of the 30 years of achieving higher consciousness through wrenching…:persevere:

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Hi Bob, I put it in the other way around reasoning that if you put the “fins” towards the carbs there is little room in the plenum to allow good air movement. Could be wrong but it works abd reasons out for me. Paul

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Yes thats another reason you are having a ‘problem’ Bob, definitely the fins face away from the engine.

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Thanks Paul and Robin for your helpful replies. After reading Paul’s post again (properly this time) I went back to the start of the process armed with all the advice and it did occur to me about the airflow going into the carbs. I changed it around yesterday and it went quite smoothly this time! I wouldn’t call myself an expert yet but I’ve learned a lot! One other thing that I learned is that you offer the air box up roughly where it has to go and then connect the flexible rubber hose before finally refitting the air box. If you try to do it the other way round you’re in a world of pain (on my car at least, perhaps different cars vary?). Anyway, thanks for your help with this one.

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When we ALL began… none of us were!


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Not sure if I have asked Bob but where in NZ are you based?

Hi Robin,

I’m in Orewa, just north of Auckland



You need to check out the Auckland club, I know clubs are not for every one but we have some good discounts on fuel and insurances.

I have thought about it but, just at the moment I’m not into the social side of clubs.

I will give it a little more thought though,



Understood, just the bi monthly full colour A4 mag is worth the entry fee, we have up to 2/3rds of our members who really don’t show up to events, even though we try to cater for a wide range of things to do. As an example, we are down to Wairakie this weekend, next weekend we are doing a motorkhana in conjunction with the MG club (David and Goliath event :slight_smile: ) and at the end of the month we are at Pukekohe race track again with MG Austin Healy and Minis for a day of sprints and driver training.

What is the technical assistance like? That would make a difference to me