Air Intake component identification X350 V6 2004

Hello Folks, on investigating a buzzing noise under bonnet found it to be emanating from a component in the air intake system(foto). On disconnecting the plug the noise stopped(ignition on engine not running). Not heard this noise before. Could anyone advise the function of this component and what the noise may be and if it is detrimental. Thanx in anticipation…Rgds.

I would hazard a guess at the airflow meter.

It is a DENSO feedback ‘pot’ for the throttle plate or motor.(not sure which one without looking at the electrical guide)

Thanx for the prompt replies. Need to investigate further. Was wondering why the pipework?

Meant to add its not the airflow meter.

My guess would be that it’s not that actual component buzzing, however unplugging it stops the feedback to the throttle motor. Either component could be faulty, or another one, or a dirty butterfly maybe?

Ok thanx. On listening to the component ie where the plug attaches that is deffo where the noise is. First steps give it a good clean. Will advise. Rgds.