Air plenum and air filters find

Hi I posted a few weeks back about my missing air plenum and air cleaners, I have now obtained a set in very good condition, the plenum only has a marking of Double A and three straight lines on each end of the unit on one side, the air filters are air silences are Ace manufactured and are the correct ones
the unit fits the MK 4 2.5
Posting for information and a thanks you to all those who spent the time advising me what to look for

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Hi Mike,
Before you put it on the car, can I ask you to take some measurements?
I want to compare it with the one on my '38 SS 2-1/2 L.

This is mine.

Sure no problem will come back to you

Hi Rob

The dimensions are the same as you have
mine has no stamping numbers just a double A s I said

Thanks Mike.
Mine is for a 3-1/2 L.
I can only use 2 studs with it on my 2-1/2 L.
The search continues.