Air pump delete

(CHRIS ) #1

does anyone know where to locate a eac3041 bearing holder?

(JimD in Alabama) #2

Chris – have you tried a Google search?
I did and got a lot hits. Mostly Jaguar Dealerships. I checked a couple – their websites allowed me to add to cart . Virginia Beach was one. White Allen Jaguar another.

Norman Motors in the UK seems to have in stock, and David Manners group.

Expensive part.

You might also try if you want used/salvaged

best regards,

(CHRIS ) #3

Thanks Jim I have , almost every site tells me no longer available found one in the UK having trouble with the transaction another member contacted me with one in Canada. I will try to make that happen.

Thanks again, Chris

(BobPhx) #4

Pretty basic machine job to build one. Get a generic idler pulley at autozone and machine the mounting points to be same dimensions as those on the air pump. Weld a tube to the bottom mounting point to act as a spacer.


(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #5

Or just mount an alternator there!