Air suspension fault 2004 sedan

(Randy Brand) #1

Air suspension acting up again. Replaced 3 shocks and compressor a year ago. Seems to throw the code when the car is heavily loaded. Instantly stiffens suspension. Can instantly restore by turning car off and re-starting. Thoughts?

(motorcarman) #2

What DTC(s) is/are stored in the suspension module??


(Randy Brand) #3

I only have a generic code reader, and the only code showing is P1111 that the ECU has completed its check.

(motorcarman) #4

You choice now is to find someone to read the DTCs or start throwing parts at the fault.

If you are in the North Central Texas area I can read all the modules in your car.
I have 3 WDS and 2 IDS diagnostic units.


(Randy Brand) #5

Thanks. Went to my mechanic, discovered codes C2302 and C1830. Seems to only happen with four people in the car and 50 pounds in the trunk. Get the fault after about 1/2 mile. Cycling the ignition seems to resolve the issue for that trip. Driving the car with one or two pax does not trigger the fault.

(gary breyer, 09 X358 LWB Sovereign, Liquid Silver/Warm Charcoal. Ex Ministerial car.) #6

This might be of some help to you:

(motorcarman) #7

X350 C DTC.pdf (59.0 KB)

You don’t state the MY. The first year X350 used two front level sensors and later, the right sensor was deleted (G26872- onward). I would check all sensors. Make sure all are attached to the control arm. I see them disconnected from previous repairs or road damaged.

Here are some TSBs we got when these cars were introduced.

XJ204-01 Diagnosing_Servicing Air Suspension.pdf (15.8 KB)
XJ204-03 Shock Absorbers.pdf (16.0 KB)
XJ204-05 Front Air Suspension.pdf (74.0 KB)
XJ204-06 Air Suspension System Diagnostics.pdf (36.8 KB)


(Randy Brand) #8

Thank you Bob. Turns out it was the 4th shock failing. All better now.