Air suspension fault & low ride

2004 xj8. My air pump is new & pumping plenty of air to the valve block. the valve block is not letting sufficient air to the 4 shocks. It appears this block is controlled electronically but I wouldn’t know where to begin in testing for the exact culprit. any pointers as to how the block is controlled & what to check for that might be causing it not to allow enough air to pass?

The ASM is behind the rear seat back.

You could check for DTCs but you will need a ‘dealer-level’ scan tool.

With a WDS, IDS etc. you can command the suspension to lower and to raise.
You can also change to TRANSPORT MODE and back again.

I may can get a scan that will read the codes. what is WDS & IDS? how do I change to TRANSPORT MODE?

WDS and IDS are the Ford/Jaguar diagnostic tools that were used by the dealers in the late 1990s to the late 2000s. (2009)

There are similar tools that can be used. (like Jaguar i930
Multi-System Diagnostic Scanner Tool and Mongoose type diagnostic units)

A basic OBDII reader will access the ECM and give you ‘P’ codes but you are looking for ‘C’ codes (Chassis) for the Air Suspension Module.

what is the ASM you refer to?

Air Suspension Module.

I have it scheduled to go in to a jaguar guru but that’s in about 3 weeks(because he is really good, I’m told). just wondered if there was something I could check in the meantime but without the right scanner, I’m not sure there is much I can do. I’m gonna scan it with a snap-on scanner that my regular mechanic has & see if anything pops up that we can deal with. if not, I’ll just wait. thanks for the input.

So the scanner gave us these 3 faults–c1830 air suspension compressor relay
c2302–leveling plausibility error
b2810–air suspension vent solenoid --circuit failure
should I just replace these two items or do something else first?