'AIr suspension fault' on a 2006 XJ8L notice. What to do?

Couple of questions, two Jags:
On my 2006 XJ8L I am getting ‘AIr suspension fault’ notice evry now and again…goes away when engine is turned off…then comes on again somewhat randomly after 5-15 minutes of driving…MAY be affected by bumpy roads. What to check/do?

Also HUGELY annoying hood closure problem. ‘Bonnet open’ message with red warning light, and can only lock the car by inserting physical key in drivers door. Also can feel the left driver’s side of hood is NOT tightly anchored, like right/passenger side. What to do? Reposition the closing mechanism? replace?

On my friend’s 2005 SuperV8, definite suspension problem…occasionally rides low with hard, ‘bottoming’ suspension. Was worse in cold weather . …does he need to replace parts on all 4 corners… and most importantly, where best to get the bags/parts from?

There will be DTCs in the ASM (Air Suspension Module)
I know people complain that they cannot read the codes with generic equipment but think NOTHING of going to a hospital and getting expensive machines to read body scans and paying thousands of dollars.

Doctors and mechanics perform similar functions.

You either need to invest in somewhat expensive diagnostic tools OR take the car to a shop to get someone to interrogate the module an ask “WHERE DOES IT HURT?”

The module holds the clue to your problem. You need to ask it.


THANK you…very helpful, makes sense… and I WILL DO!

THANK you!! Will do.

Christopher Mather
Managing Director

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could be a compressor on the one that rides low

Will check that… Thanks!

I had this fault last year. There’s only one compressor for all 4 shocks. It’s mounted ahead of the left front wheel well. Had mine diagnosed by a local indy, 3 were leaking. Had all 4 replaced with non-air units.

Thanks - I know no-air is a good option. If I have to replace just two air shocks - any suggestions as to where best to get them? And also where to get the non-air?

Almost forgot, one easy thing to check is the relay that powers the pump. It’s relay R1 in the relay/fuse box in the engine compartment. A picture can be seen here.

THANk you, will check that, now…

Re the hood misbehaveing …When I ran into this very annoying ploy I oiled thecable in as many places as it was possible, and I worked the cable too and fro with the hood up.Also it’s also possible that the bonnet is dropped the last few inches, such that the slight jolt will enable the proper seating of the bonnet.