Aircon Evaporator ID and install

After much deliberation and many times taking it
in and out of the attic, I have decided to install ac in my xke now rather than wait until the interior is done. I bought this on an eBay auction years ago and included about everything except instructions, condenser, and I think mounting brackets. The sheet metal looks jv, so not sure if that is factory. I figured I’d start with mounting the evaporator. Does anyone have some insight on mounting, who made it, and possibly some instructions?

This is a repro S2 underdash unit. They were (maybe still are) sold by I want to say European Cooler Air, not sure. If you have a bentley manual, the AC section for the S2 will be close enough to this for you to get started. I’m not sure what sort of bracket they supplied for the compressor, what belt configuration they use or whether they supplied the various pulleys you will need. A big problem with this kit is that you will have to fabricate a radio console.

Here’s a similar unit, although I don’t think this is the same manufacturerer:

Thanks Michael. The compressor bracket is at the bottom of one of the photos. It’s the one that puts the compressor in the alternator spot, then reverses the alternator. It came with all the pulleys and if I remember correctly, I have the right double groove dampener pulley. I’ll look in the Bentley. I figured I had to adapt the radio console, but didn’t know about rebuilding it. I bought this old working spot welder a few weeks ago, so maybe this is my chance to use it and save the old console in the attic. Thanks

If you’re starting with a stock A/C console, you may be able to trim it to fit. Just make sure it’s a “relaxed” fit, if there’s pressure on the evaporator case, it will bring misery.

Ok, here we go. Motor looks a little off compared to the hole under the scuttle. Does this hole have have to be enlarged to fit the motor? I have the center dash notches lined up, so realistically it can’t go left or right.

Are you trying to get the car “ as original” or do you just want air conditioning?
If the latter there are some very efficient systems out there that can be fitted and look good too

I think this is one of the latter systems if I’m not mistaken.

I have a 1970 OTS with I think factory AC. Previous owner replaced the fascia with some kind of round outlets. I would like to go back to as original as possible. I’ve been told the fascia is almost impossible to find. And can you replace the fascia without replacing the evaporator?

Have you tried looking at retroair or considered aftermarket long skinny vents and change the facia…. With new outlets and spray with crackle paint?

No. But I will. Does that facia go on without taking out the evaporator

No idea. But look for screws from underneath

The front of the evaporator hooks to the lip of the dash, and there’s a single L bracket on the extreme right corner. If you unscrew the L bracket, the evaporator can be pushed forward and down without undoing the refrigerant hoses. It helps if you have an assistant to deal with one or the other end. Once the evaporator is down, you can unscrew the fascia and remove it. All of these parts are rather fragile, so use due care. That’s the way the stock evaporator works, anything else is your own adventure.

FYI, the evap unit was made by cooler air. A guy named jerry west.