AJ16 Camcover Gasket Leak

I have the AJ16 engine. I can never keep the camcover gasket from leaking for long. I follow torque values, tightening sequences, etc.

The one thing I’ve noticed is that some of the bolt gaskets, NBC2575CA get squished as I torque the bolts down (with the metal washer) to the required 6.5Nm.

I’ve used OEM Jaguar gaskets and bolt gaskets, as well as aftermarket, and no significant difference. What the hell am I doing wrong?

Check the calibration of your torque wrench.

Where/How does one go about doing that?


Always set your torque wrench to zero before you store it away.

I do that.

I’ll fool around with calibration when I have some time.

I think the next time i change the gaskets, it’ll be when the oil comes out in a few weeks.

I think I’ll apply some RTV to the camcover gasket channel. That should fill in any holes or imperfections.


I used Permatex Anaerobic 518 on the mating surface’s along with the gasket. Kirby 's recommendations , I used it on my xjs many times. BTW I’ll be doing that same cam cover repair on my 95 vdp.

Thank you! You had me at Kirby’s recommendations!

I plan on using this between the gasket and camcover. I intend to squeeze the Permatex in the groove, place the gasket in there, then let it sit, gasket side down, on a glass tabletop for at least 24 hours. That should ensure an even fit when installing on the engine?