AJ6 lumped in an etype or 120

(Daniel Cusick) #1

I posted this on the etype forum so I’m moving to lumps to see if anyone had tried or completed this lump.

Is it still a lump if it’s a modern Jaguar engine?

( Larry ) #2

There’s a Mk2(?) saloon with an AJ6 that I see at shows on Vancouver Island, beautiful job BTW

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #3

Yeah, in my view. If it counts?

But, the A6 is tilted in it’s door car. A big engine, I think. so,. aqueezing it into the narrow confines of an E tyoe or 120 seems a feat

OTH, Docc a past lister has a very “hot” SBC in his 120.

So, squeezes are done.

I recall a discussion on just what does a “lump”.
Or the origin of the term as used here.

It seems to be slang o any engine in whatever installation.

Side joke. I took my 94 Jeep in for it’s SMOG. Same place where my "lump’ fascinated the tech, and passed. “what engine does this one have:”. “Nothing special, a plain vanilla Jeep I6”. Yahoo, it passed.


(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #4

Now, gotta pay the piper, Ie, the DMV. Jerry just bumped the fees. Gotta pay for his bullet train boondoggle…


(Docc) #5

Hi Carl
Yes the the Heretic 120 still pounds the pavement here in southern AZ. It has been joined with a Resto mod 1953 Studebaker Commander coupe…
The SBC is actually a decent fit…as I mounted it all the way back to the firewall…making the 120 a midengined car as the motor is well behind the front suspension…

Hope ou are well…and all the Lumper !

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #6


Good to hear from you. I recall your post on going Studebaker. Loewy’s sleek design.

I was at the market yesterday. The parking lot is being reconfigured and buildings added. Good and not so good. Many stately trees got cut down. Shady parking spots gone. By a construction shack was a Studebaker. I’m reasonably sure of '38 vintage. but, a rare version. Ute style. passenger car body up front, pickup bed behind. A beauty in icy white. Lumped, almost for sure. Alas, my phone is dumb and the camera inoperative.

Me and my lump are fine. I still delight in hearing it’s just right exhaust. I hear it nicely even sans ear aids, off which I have a new hi tech pair. rechargeable, no more battery hassle!!