ALCYON 18TER 125cc 1948

Another project on its way :thinking:s-l1600 (18)


Ooh la la, enjoy! yourself!

It’s just to keep me busy in this lock down , did want a BSA M20 or M21 ,but nothing about in the UK at the moment
Found the id plate , turns out it’s around 1938/40 , sent off to get a log book .
Have a new tyre on the way , bar grips and footpeg rubbers
All the research so far has not turned up much about the engine and gearbox ,
So far found out the A.S should be 100cc with a one speed gearbox , this has a 3 speed gearbox .
Got to find a engineer to fix the flywheel
The old one exploded , so the old owner said , he found a replacment , but the middle is a little diffrent , looks to be just a steel tube pressed into the cast wheel , so just a case off pressing old middle out , turning down the old one , and pressing that in , so it’s a interference fit , maybe drill a hole in the front , where the cast and steel meet , tape a thread , and screw in a countersunk bolt , to stop any movement

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Gonna call her Fifi ? :grin:

Love it !!!

20 char.

Found out a few things , the A.S was only made in 1939 , 1940 , gearbox has Grease in it not oil !
Flywheel is being worked on now , at a local firm .
Lugs to fit pump on the girder forks .
Name plate is like new , over 80 years old :blush:


A new tyre and tube was fitted to the front , just a new tube in the back , for some reason , even thou the tyre has had it , so fitted new tyre on back .
Have a Air filter housing and foot rest on there way from France
One foot rest has been replaced with a wrong one .
Foot pegs , Handle bar mounts , and rear brake pedal are made of Brass

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I guess it’s the original paint?
If so, don’t touch it.

Yes all original , no plans to touch it .
Even the white paint on the rear mudguard is factory , thought it may have been added because of the War , but have been told it was law in France to have it white , up till about 1948
I have put knew bar rubbers , footpeg rubbers , and kick start rubbers , and new tyre ,