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My guess is it is just a sexy looking plenum, that works exactly like the original, but is a bit bigger.

The original air intake system on an E type was designed to keep the noise level to an acceptable level. As a result Jaguar admitted that the system they used caused a loss of 16hp at higher RPM’s. I comfirmed this in Dyno testing when we tried the original aircleaner on an original engine. The problem is, I believe, the two small intake tubes on the side of the cannister.

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Just a 5mm increase in diameter of the intake tubes would give 25% increase in flow volume.

While I was there both Henry Pearman and Paul Brace made themselves available to answer questions. Had I been armed with the above questions I would have shown an interest, got some answers.

However, as I was neither Gucci’d nor Prada’d I imagine I’d have been dismissed as not looking like a potential customer.


I often wonder about the quest for total optimisation on cars that only see regular road use. How much of a change in power putout is required to make it noticeable to the driver?


I kinda expected to see Stormy driving an e type here…or doing some thing.

I’d guess 10% at a minimum. And, IMO, the RPM at which that horsepower (and torque) comes into play is just as, if not more, important.

The intake tubes to the filter cannister always seemed undersized to me considering the size of the air filter and the plenum. 16 HP is a lot. As a kid, I thought the air filtration system on an E-Type was pretty sexy because it was so unlike the typical American system. Then my father pointed out that a similar system with a large air cannister was on almost every large diesel truck of the era.

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A little rubber velocity stack like grommet at the air filter inlet possibly added 3 horses (out of about 180 SAE gross) to the XJ6 2.8. The 4.2 power is comparable (245 SAE gross with twin carbs) and the single inlet is surely smaller than 2“. The difference in noise with/without filter is drastic and worth losing some in most if not all cases. More power disappears in the exhaust as well.