All lite up with engine running

1992 3.2 automatic.(uk). All the warning lights (see picture) lights up when engine is running, or even when driving on the road. The car performs great, no issues. So why do I have these dash board indications still on?

Have you pressed the VCM button with just the ignition on and looked for a possible fuse code?

Yes, VCM button pressed with ignition key at position II (engine not running). Car drives and performs OK, just need to cancel these dashboard lights. Do I have a VCM problem?

So no codes then? Sounds like something (relay?) is stuck on but WDIK, hasn’t happened on my car (yet)

sorry can’t help

Thank you Larry for the reply. Once the problem has been found, I will post it here.
Cheers …> Alan

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I don’t know about the stuck relay theory, because contrary to an earlier statement not ALL of the warning (red) / cautionary (amber/ yellow) lights are illuminated. Here’s my '94 in ‘full bloom’:

Methinks the warning lights could be legitimate and result from the previous owner’s failure to keep up the maintenance / repairs on.the car. These cats do like to be - nay, must be - regularly maintained.
All these red warning lights (in a vertical column to the right side of the display) and amber cautionary lights should illuminate when the key is rotated to the run (II) position prior to starting the engine. If they all illuminate, but some extinguish once the car is running, I’d say you need to troubleshoot each light individually.

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Mike he said the car runs fine - if the tranny light was REALLY on instead of just “lit” he’d be in limp home mode, right?

Possible that all the other lights are WARNINGS but anti-lock on permanently would mean no assist and very hard pedal.
Stopping a car with that failure is a “stand on the anchors” exercise so I doubt that one is “real” also …low washers, easily checked, bulb out, maybe, fuse issue …easy to check although doesn’t the VCM say where when a fuse has gone? and VCM reports no issues …Low rad, again, easily checked.
I think maybe the wiring to the binnacle warning lights or the connection/circuit board in the binnacle is shorting to ground or something like that

Problem found.

Went to change out the instrument panel (for a second hand one) and found one of the 2 plugs that plug into the rear of the instrument panel had removed itself! Fitting the plug back in, and hey presto, all is fine. Did a road test, and all is nice and dandy. I have had the car since June 2019, so wonder if the previous owner(s) [2 off] had done some work in that area and did not refit this plug correctly.

Anyway, please to have the dash board looking as it should.

Cheers …> Alan

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Alan … (Esq, does that signify that you’re an attorney?)

Excellent news that you’ve solved the problem !!! So many posters don’t report back their success.

Was this glitch present when you purchased the car? One thing about The XJ40’s electrical connectors is that when they are plugged together no force on earth, be it earth quake or meteorite strike, can separate them other then human intervention … and then often enough that sometimes isn’t enough :smile:

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Hi Grooveman.

Esq is an old English way re “title of respect added after a gentleman’s name when addressing a letter” Very rarely used (if ever) these days.

Purchased the car in June 2019, with no problems. The problem happened about 3 months ago. I recon that during its previous life, a past owner may have been working in the area behind the instrument cluster and unknowingly partly dislodged this connector.

Agree, those plugs are very difficult to separate from each other. A lot better design than the Lucas rubbish I have on my other classic cars.

Regards …> Alan