Allocation of new F-Types

I ordered a 2022 F-Type in January, 2022 and was told in April, 2022 by the dealer that they had not received the allocation they expected and will not for the foreseeable future. What is happening here? Are no more F-Types being produced or is it simply a supply chain issue that is affecting all manufacturers.

Oh, wow. Have you tried calling other dealers just to hear if they’re having similar problems?


My bet would be on a supply chain issue. Jaguar can’t make much money not selling people cars…


Not the same vehicle, but we waited 10 months for our Silverado, finally showed up at the dealer this week. It was built inJan. 2022 and sat somewhere all this time, supposedly trucking issues. We will still have to bring it back later in the summer for the chips that run the heated seats. Dealers here in north central Wisconsin have very little if any new on their lots.

That is a good idea. I was told by the dealer that they haven’t received an allocation and not for the foreseeable future. I was told that my car would be built as a 2023 so who knows when that will come. Thanks for your reply.

I live near the old Palace of Auburn Hills (former home of the Detroit Pistons); stadium was raised a few years ago and is now a parking lot for GM- literally a thousand GMC and Chevy pickups waiting for semiconductor chips. They cannot ship them to dealers incomplete. They are another thousand up in Flint…