Alloy sump swap in Mk2

I picked up a really nice alloy sump last year and intend to swap this for the existing steel sump. Engine is a 3.8 liter in ‘62 Mk2. Engine has been rebuilt and is currently out of the car while I restore the rest Does anyone have experience swapping a steel sump for alloy? I’m curious if this is a direct swap or if there’s a difference in seals, etc.

The alloy sump is from a Mk2 originally.

The lower half of the rear crank seal housing needs to be changed / modified.
Compare the difference re the rear SUMP seal location, ie groove in alloy sump or groove in crank seal housing for the steel . Milling the crank seal housing to “ungroove” it is a option.

I think the oil pick up pipe is diffrent , and your need the Alloy spacer and cage for the Anti roll bar clearance !

What kind of alloy sump are you talking about?
An S-type has a alloy sump with fins, just like the steel sump of a MK2.
I suppose the Alloy S-type sump will fit with no problem.

S type, 420 and late MK2 alloy sumps are the same Peter, the steel MK2 sump has no fins, just a welded seam.

Ian , the pickup pipe only differs by the increased diameter to suit the later oil pump

Thanks, Peter. Sounds like some modifications will be required on the alloy sump. Doesn’t sound too daunting though. Is there also an option to use a rear seal that was intended for the alloy sump instead? I’ll likely defer this work until I’m ready to install the engine and will likely install the engine with the steel sump due to ease of handling (no risk of breaking off those nice aluminum fins)…but would do all the fit-up work with engine outside of the car. For reference, the alloy sump P/N is C24502.

Ian - thanks for the reminder on the ARB spacers. I was aware of that and have already fabricated some from aluminum bar stock.

Your know they are 1/2 inch then, 1 inch if it’s a XJ6 Sump !