Alloy wheel difference

Hi all…
I am trying to find out a bit of information on a set of jaguar xjs wheels i have.
Looking on ebay they are the lattice effect however my wheels being lattice effect seem to have more details to them so im trying to find out any information on these wheels…

The top wheel picture is the common type I’m finding all over ebay
The bottom wheel is mine and can not find any the same on ebay.
Can anyone shed any light on what the style of wheel the bottom on is.
Thanks all

What size are your wheels?

15” Lattice are the most common:

16” Lattice were generally only fitted to XJ12’s (X81’s - being the XJ40 sedan with the 6L V12 or fitted as special order.

If you can post a clearer pic of the wheel and size, we should be able to verify if it’s simply an aftermarket or a strange OE / dealer fitted unit.

Hi thanks for the message i will try get some better pictures of the wheels when i am next up at the yard…
Its a vehicle i have been instructed to break up for parts as its been off the road for too long…

But as you can see from the pictures you have added the centre don’t have the lattice effect where as the wheels i have do…
There is one word i can make out from the picture which is the word FONDMETAL which google says is an Italian alloy wheel maker…
So im not sure if there are genuine jaguar or not.
I will try and get sizes tomorrow at some point.

I can almost promise that they’re not Jaguar wheels.

Every Jaguar allow wheel I’ve examined has had the Jaguar part number in the casting. Take a look and give us any numbers you find

The Jaguar “Lattice” wheels themselves were a styling knock-off of the BBS wheels that were extremely popular in that era.


Heres a link with similar wheels. Definitely aftermarket id think.

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Yep i think your on the money there guys with that … ive not been back up to look yet but it seems we are on the right track… thanks for all your help

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