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Hey folks. I’m going to through this question out there because someone else in this blue orb has had to try this. Running a standalone ecu on a v12. Not just making it run but making it run repeatably and well. I have had some victories and currently some head scratching. I will be glad to get into more detail of my issues if anyone responds with yes, I have. Just don’t want to waste folks time talking about tuning issues of a stock ecu and the genius version of Steve Hawkens version I have.

On a different note, which wheels you folks like more

Picture 1 for me :-))

Hello NIB - first your wheel picture question - the one picture looks like the wheel is “FLAT”, as in a “non-dimensional flat plane”, whereas the other picture has the wheels that seem to add a "dimensional feature to the wheels, thereby complimenting the “dimensional plane” of the body of the car - just my opinion – secondly, not quite understanding your description of a “stand alone” ECU for the V12 - what is the purpose; how will the ECU mate with the existing items; will this be something that will require additional equipment, such as a computer laptop for in-situ programming - again, no idea of what you are describing, but willing to be educated - thanks, Tex.

Picture B for me on the wheels.

Picture A. They are a bit more modern but not excessively so. BUT…ideally I think they should be polished. :grimacing:

I think picture B is a more refined and natural look for that car.

Picture B for me as well.
A more sophisticated and elegant look.
And a very nice body colour btw.


But I’m biased, I have those on my 96….think they look best.

Very interested in what you are doing for a standalone ECU. What ECU? Does it control both injection and ignition? What are the issues?


Thanks for the vote, guy’s
Now the ecu. I was tired of all the electrical gremlins I was having with this car. It only had 17000 miles on it when I purchased it in 2004. So, it sat inside /outside for years here in Florida. This did a fair amount of damage to the interior, electrical and paint. Mechanically it was in great shape. So decided to make it the way I wanted. Stripped out all wiring (all) and rewired (I use to rig saltwater boats, so I am a little particular about what I use) removed interior and redesigned. Motor internals stock, redesigned fuel rail and plumbing, cooling system, cold air intake. Ignition system (waste spark). Added new exhaust from iron manifolds on back. Rebuilt F/R suspension assemblies installed F/R sway bars Gaze shocks. Removed all glass, took body to bare metal primed 2k and painted gun metal metalic (that was a steep learning curve) I can’t even estimate the hours of sanding.
There were a lot of pieces that had to be designed and mocked up for test fit then machined. Two good friends of mine were indispensable in this area Dok for problem solving and support. And Q for incredible machine work. The interesting part is I live in Florida the other two live in mid-Atlantic and northeast. Many emails and phone calls.
The ecu is Omex 710 (England). Had to fabricate 36 tooth wheel and mag sensor mount, distributor blank and a slew of other parts. Omex sent me a startup calibration which is a ballpark to get the engine running safely. I would get motor running and log data send file to them, and they would respond with issues they saw (like throttles not opening at same time, stray feedback coming through throttle position sensor) I would attempt a fix and log again. Anyway, currently motor starts hard (there are many cold start features with this ecu). There is the main fuel map, start fuel coolant, start fuel pulse, start fuel decay and fuel corrections for coolant temp, battery voltage, air temp. Once I get it started all pretty good. Temps come up, wide band ox sensors performing. Lambda reads show value just after start then ox feedback kicks in after a period of time and ecu will add or reduce fuel looking at Lambda setpoint (currently .97, 1 being stochiometric). One of my issues now is at warm idle the ox feedback swings causing the lambda value to swing (just a cyclic swing) almost like a gain value is not correct.
This project has been and still is a blast. So close to figuring this out. Light at the end of the tunnel (ya I know. won’t be the first time).

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Definitely Picture A.

Sounds fantastic, but we don’t believe you until we see photos… :slight_smile:
Maybe a thread with all of it?


Lol. Let me see what I can do.

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Says I can only do up to 5 at a time so… here goes

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