Almost there part 342

I’m intrigued with your fuel rail!

I must admit, your car looks great. It goes to show a lot of
The talent and different ideas that lurk on JL’s forum.
Great work.

We creators, and this applies equally to all forms of creation, from Art to Mechanics, have a fatal flaw… we know all the errors we did, all the wrong brush strokes or that 1mm wrong cut in that panel… and sometimes it’s all we can see.
But after so many years being an Artist I’ve learned to live with my errors because, as a friend once told me, the error is superior of the Art, it’s what makes it human.
So look at your work and be proud, especially having done such great work.



The head light of an engine coming at you!!!

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Thanks guy’s I do try. But then I just can’t stand a self-induced error when I knew better or didn’t research enough to learn better. Like that screw that is just fighting back, and you know you should back off add some lube and visit tomorrow. But no keep picking that scab till it bleeds then get pissed you didn’t wait. Then dig at it some more till you get to the bone. Then justify with " well I needed to change that whole thing anyway".
Who’s been down that road raise your hand.

Processing: 20220425_121947.jpg…
Processing: 20220425_122003.jpg…
Processing: 20220425_144712.jpg…

You need to repost your photos, then wait for them to load, before posting.

Also…I don’t have that many hands…:frowning:

Hand held high…very high

89 dismantled and parts squirreled away for other folks to repair their cars.
Last post just got tired of waiting for the “processing” and pulled the dam trigger.

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Just like having a Rover, it’s a good idea to have at least one or two parts cars at your fingertips. You think parts of hard to get for XJSs?

Try a 2 liter Rover… :slight_smile:

My 86 ac was a system of push and pull rods, levers and springs. This 89 they had step up (or down) to electric actuation. If you ever wondered how to get this assembly out there’s a couple nuts under the dash right and left side, one screw center of defrost on top then behind the engine on the fire wall there are two funky nuts (I think could be done with engine installed but room is going to be tight) disconnect the 2 drain lines. Whole assembly pulls back from dash area.

How true but.
(40) Joe Bonamassa Official - “Just Got Paid” - Live From The Royal Albert Hall - YouTube

Certainly shows JB at his showman best, but the lyrics don’t really seem to jive with the subject at hand… :slight_smile:

Just a forum. A place to shoot the shit. Never really thought much about how centered I was on the current topic. Sorry I’ll to focus more.

No worry! Not the first case of thread drift that’s occurred!

So, how many of these beasts have you parted out?

I been working on or restoring British cars for 30 years. But currently only 1 1/2. My 86 I removed some parts as I modified it. The 89 convertible was a total dismantle. As I got into dismantling it was amazing how many folks had messed with this car (and I do mean mess). Like I had said in the past it had bad rust but had a lot of good parts. So, I stored everything and as I hear folks need something I see what I can do. The main reason I picked it up was for its Tremec 5 speed conversion.

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The only thing I haven’t save was the paint lol.

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So basically, I have front sway bar, emerg brake and throttle pedal, a couple odds and ends bolts then to scrapper to melt down and make stuff with more character and greener.
Just goshing yawl tight folks calm down. It is going to scrapper though.

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