Alternate parts list wanted

Kirberts book is an excellent source… however…one more thing i would like to see is a list “without discussion” of all the easily changed or adapted substitute parts from other sources . numbered and with manufacturer names… like a cross reference book just for. xjs… all in one “book” . we could just look and see quickly… eg. you want spark plugs… parts house guy wants to know year model etc . has to go through his books and dig around… it would be easier just to give him number from our list… wham bam… done. plugs are really just a simplistic example here.

There’s this:

Pretty old info but I reckon a lot of it is still good.

Also search the www or J-L forums for the massive parts listing/interchange compiled by Peter Cohen from probably 20+ years ago. It has to be archived somewhere; I lost it a few years ago


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