Alternator Cooling Fan

OK…need to replace my alternator cooling fan (Jag part # C.22249) on my '65 XKE 4.2L OTS.
Problem is, none of the replacement parts I could find have a metal shroud attached to it, like my original one did (see photos, below).

My alternator came loose while I was at speed…and the result was that the fan blade got nicked on all the blades, as the photo shows…and the metal shroud was ripped off.

As far as I can tell, this alternator is original to the car ( early March 1965 production run ). And it works fine…no need to replace it…just the fan. ( Big believer in not fixing what isn’t broken )

So my questions are:

  • is this “shroud” just peculiar to the early '65 modifications made to the S1 ?
  • did the fan shroud phase out on later S1 models ?
  • can I just put on a new fan without the shroud ??

As to how the original shroud was attached to the fan blade, there are very small round nubs on the blade…which seem to have force-fit into the holes on the shroud. Given that the shroud is damaged ( I’m sure I could flatten it back into almost perfect shape again) not sure that the force-fit would hold, etc.)

Appreciate your thoughts / experience / recommendations here please !


'65 XKE 4.2L OTS

For what it’s worth my 72 XJ6 runs a similar looking fan without the cover. In desperation you might be able to leave it off. Paul.

I would suggest that the cover is definitely needed. The cover and fan blades form a compartment that suck air out of the alternator from back to front

If it were mine, I would hammer the cover flat until it fits reasonably well on the fan blades, then rivet it onto the fan blades in two places with stainless rivets, not aluminium!

That would get the car back on the road so the search for replacement part can happen


Since you have the alternator out, it would be a good idea to
look inside, it probably could use new bearings, and new brushes.


Walter’s suggestion is good.
At a minimum take apart and grease the rear bearing which is a needle bearing in the rear housing whose needles run directly on the shaft.
And brushes tend to wear out quickly and just when you don’t expect them to!!
69 OTS

My 66 S1 has the same shroud as you show. you might want to consider shipping it to TAE for a rebuild - I just did mine… they could likely also weld the shroud back on… I’m not keen about putting holes for rivets as those might be crack starters. Thx Nick

Have you looked on ebay ? This one says is for XKE but does not mention a part number that I see.

68 E-type FHC

Don’t hesitate, buy it. They’re tough to find in good condition. Otherwise, an open fan will work fine, it just won’t have the right look.

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The new one I just bought for my XJ6 has an open fan - same as the old one. Paul.

Thanks for the input, as always…
Here’s what I decided to do:

  • couldn’t reattach the fan shroud in a way that would keep it balanced and would insure it would “hold”, so…
  • I reinstalled the alternator without it…and attached a “heat shield” I purchased many years ago but never put on.
    My rationale is this: Since Jaguar did away with the shroud…and installed a heat shield on subsequent models at some point, I figure it will work for me, too.
    Yes, this is not totally period correct for my model year and production date…but I’m more concerned with proper upkeep of overall engine performance.
    Will let you know if it doesn’t work out…


'65 XKE 4.2L OTS

Hi, Nick…
I’m looking to get my alternator rebuilt. TAE sounds like a good place. Did they do a good job on yours ( very similar to my '65 XKE ) ?? I see that you just recently had this done…and wondering if you would recommend them ? If so, how long did it take from start to finish ?
'65 XKE 4.2L OTS

Hello Harold - yes, they did a great job… Took about a week and a half. Just north of $200 which I thought was reasonable.


Thanks, Nick. I talked with them today…and it’s already on it’s way to TAE. Appreciate the info !