Alternator Rebuild Sources - S1 4.2L

Good morning folks. I’m looking to rebuild my current alternator. I’ve seen several posts about replacements that are not ‘exactly’ replacements.

Thus the decision to rebuild.

This alternator has been off the car for 20 years (my long term project), but prior to removal worked fine.

I really just want to get it disassembled, new bearings and have the housing refurbed (vapor blast?) so it looks good.

Any suggestions on potential vendors to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance,

My experience was that there are very few shops around anymore .that really rebuild. They tend to just replace brushes and bearings…testing and fixing an armature …good luck…especially old gens…just my take on it …

Southern Auto electric rebuilt my original 63’ generator…they even went the extra mile and found an unobtainable new armature. Not cheap, but did a great job and a quick turnaround:
Southern Auto Electric
3975 Moreland Ave, SE
Conley, GA

These guys can rebuild it.
San Jose Generator and Starter.
Address: 40 San Jose Ave, San Jose, CA 95125


Open ⋅ Closes 4:30PM

Phone: (408) 293-2200

I picked up a 11AC alternator on eBay that was in terrible condition.

These guys rendered it as new (including sourcing a new stator) for $149:

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Jerry Felper at British Auto Electric in Anaheim, CA can tackle any rebuild of this type.

He’s a semi-retired Electrical Engineer, and works out of his house these days, I believe. But, he always picks up when I call, and turns things around quickly.

His number is 714-630-1074

Jerry used to do rebuilds for XKU …but was MIA last time i checked…

How long ago was that?

I tried to email him about 6 months ago, and got no response, so I called and was able to get him on the phone. He rebuilt my starter, and had it back to me in a matter of days.

I understand he’s getting up in years, and when I called, a younger lady answered the phone, so maybe he’s living with his daughter, and just doing work when someone rattles his cage hard enough?

What part of the country are you in? Best to deal with someone local.

It’s one of the easiest alternators to rebuild, since it doesn’t have an internal regulator. If you can find a local shop that rebuilds rotating electrical equipment, it should be a snap.

Michael, I’m located in Ohio, but I did call the TAE folks yesterday and they seem more than capable of a straight-up rebuild. Plan to FedEx the part to them next week and follow-on with a call when they receive it. It should not be too expensive, but I would like them to go the extra yard on cosmetics in addition to a full checkout and bearing… more to come… thanks all…

My eBay alternator as received (I think it had been dipped in a can of black paint):

What I got back from TAE:

Excellent… I’ll keep my fingers crossed…