Alternator short circuit after starter failure

I have this XJ81 DD6. As I wrote in another post, the starter motor failed.
Since then I got a new one and I have finally, after much delay, assembled it in the car.

Attaching the battery in the trunk, turning the key to II, everything lights up, nothing seems out of order.
Turning the key to ignition doesn’t crank the engine, there is a click from the starter and I can see the voltage meter drop quickly. Disappointment.

Using a multimeter I measure short circuit on the cable to the alternator, OK, it has probably molten as well. Power wire from the battery seems OK.

Attaching the battery to the starter cranks the engine without hesitation.
All the fuses are OK except the P I circuit. replacing it doesn’t change anything and it doesn’t blow when trying to start. What is the P I circuit?

My notes are contradicting themselves, I need to do another measurement, but it might be a short to the trigger cable also. I guess this would mean that the blue relay is toast as well. I need to test it, there are many howtos on youtube fortunately.

So, next thing is to dig out the alternator, I guess. Getting to it seems difficult enough.

I am at a bit of a loss as how to proceed except that, any clues or methodology to enlighten me?

Blue relay is not a relay but a diode pack. Yes you can melt them.

Thanks :slight_smile:

That’ll be the next thing examine do while I build up enough gumption to tackle the alternator cable