Alternator upgrade for saloons with power steering

Now that I have the old Mark IX back on the road again, it’s time to replace the generator (dynamo) with an alternator. The generator does not currently function, but rather than invest the resources to get that working again, my goal is to move on to one of the alternator conversion kits. My power steering pump currently leaks, but is rebuildable, so the plan is to connect that behind the new alternator kit once I get it re-sealed.

So I am seeking counsel from those saloon owners who have made this conversion to collect their thoughts… this is a daily driver in need of more amperage than the generator could provide, so there is no necessity for an alternator that looks like a generator.

Thanks for any input…

I don’t know about IX, but at least for Mark 2, Stealth Dynamator is 100% compatible with the old generator, with output for PS pump.
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Stealth Dynamator

Hi Kopi,
Thank you for the response! I had looked at Dynamator, and that might be my only option if I was looking to maintain an original look. They don’t list a unit for the Mark IX in their catalog, and their units only put out 45 amps, which isn’t enough for my planned needs. I have heard through the grapevine that someone is making a 60-amp alternator (that looks like an alternator, which is fine with me) with the connection in back to attach the factory power steering pump. I was hoping someone on the forum might be familiar with such a unit.
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Jay, I fitted and alternator from a Toyota diesel truck. It was rebuilt and has a Federated part number 14667. It has around tooth shaft coming out the back of the alternator. I had a machinist reshape the shaft into a slot (like a screwdriver) the shaft then fitting the slot in the PSA pump.

Send me an email at now send you some pictures of how we did it

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Hi George,

Thank you for the response! I just sent you an e-mail, but I’m not sure if it’s heading to you via the forum, or if it’s headed to the e-mail address you listed… we’ll find out shortly.


Here in UK, a few years ago, I met a guy with an S Type who was using a Ford transit van alternator, which had a take off on the back for a vacuum pump.

Toyota Hilux Diesels of certain eras have a dual pump

They made millions of them, seen one fitted to a local S-type

Update… the p/n 14667 alternator is available in the U. S. through the AutoZone parts network under their brand name “Duralast.” Looking online, their price is $102, and the output rating is 60 amps. Rock Auto also shows the p/n 14667 alternator from four different remanufacturers, but shows none in stock for any of them. This alternator is shown to fit some Toyota cars from the mid-1980s; no mention is made of the Toyota diesel trucks, but those vehicles may not have been available in the U. S.
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Try Google search,

the one I saw was pretty old, Toyota diesel Hilux was the biggest selling vehicle in Oz for many years

The pump is a dual pump, one half of which is a vacuum pump, I think that part gets excised and its a pretty straight forward job

I know the guy that did the conversion, and have his phone number, sold him some MK7 parts, he still has the S-type, but he is hard to contact due to his work location and schedule