Aluminum or Stainless Expansion Tank?

Is anyone in the US selling an aluminum or stainless expansion tank? CAC8614 to be specific.

This might work… CCC6725 Jaguar XJS Expansion Tank|British Parts UK but would be pretty pricey by the time I got it here…

I am tempted to fab on given what the steel replacements cost, but would rather find a suitable one already made…


I was going to say standard steel tank will probably outlive you, but then I saw the price difference really isn’t very much. I don’t know why the standard steel tank cost $155!

Sorry, no source for aluminum or stainless. I got one from SNG Barratt and the paint failed almost immediately.

I put my current standard steel tank in in 2007 and it’s leaking. I plan to live at least another 16 years. :grimacing:


I did find a source for aluminum. Do you want link? You may want to up your credit limit.

That’s terrible! What are you using for coolant, Coca-Cola? Crazy. I’ve replaced every single one ( I swear they used to be like $85) and never replaced one twice. Maybe I’m overdue.

Remember, those advertised prices include VAT. When buying abroad, I’ve found when they remove VAT (17.5%?), it usually covers for the shipping. Plus the pound is still quite weak.

It is “ultra light:” undoubtedly will help the handling.



Hmm. Yeah for that money I’ll build my own. But thanks l- good to know what’s out there.

That’s just stupid. I run only Pepsi. RC in a pinch.

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I replaced mine last year. I bought the aftermarket steel replacement. My rationale was that the orignal lasted 34 years. The replacement oughta last 12-15 years anyway, even if assuming it is lower quality. I think it was $155 or so. And, frankly, the $400 or so that the SS or aluminum ones cost is just too rich for my blood for such a mundane item.

If nothing else, at the rate the car itself is rusting the tank will out survive the car. [sigh]


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Seems like steel are now $200-$300? That’s the rub. For $100 I’d go steel. Not exited about paying $259 for one though…

Have you thought about adding some Barrs Leaks to your expansion tank? :crazy_face:

Do you think it’s compatible with the Dino oil I run??
( O.K. Greg that was damn funny you made me laugh out loud :rofl::rofl:)

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I use a universal aluminum one on my XJC. It is the correct capacity. Requires a bit of fiddling to fit on the inner fender. I think I paid $40 for it. Beautiful craftsmanship.


Looks very nice indeed.
I don’t see a port for the atmospheric tank though, you don’t you have one in your car?

Where did you get it? I am looking at a few universals…

Hi Bob,
I have often thought that the tank you need should be called a recirculating tank, nothing to do with expansion.
You need an inlet and an outlet, and provision for a pressure cap The “capacity” isn’t important as long as you have an overflow tank in your system.
Check out Summit Racing and look for “Joes Racing” expansion recirculating tank, P/no 45010. Less than $100.

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How about $155?

Ah fahhhk out of stock.

SNG for $205…. Thinking twice at that price