Aluminum Tubing

List: I believe the two pieces of metal tubing in the photo attached came from my 71 XJ6 engine compartment. Can anyone identify where they should be installed?

And… the tool in the photo has nothing to do with Jaguar. It’s been in my toolbox for the last 50 years and it would be nice to know what it’s for. The four steel rings rotate independent of one another. The lettering on the handle says “Detroit” on one side and “Vincent” on the other. It appears to be used to soften, separate or roughen the surface material being rolled. It’s steel and heavy for its size; cast iron or steel.


The pipe on the right looks like C32904 from the crankcase vent (top front of engine) to somewhere in the air intake bits (but I don’t know where).


The tool is for cleaning grinding wheels if they become clogged with abraded metal.

The tube with the rubber cap is the breather to the carbs

The longer tube is probably breather or fuel related but, having never worked on a Federal 1.75" ‘Strangleberg’ emissions-equipped XJ, I can’t be sure where. If it’s dirty inside it may be breather/charcoal cannister pipe, if clean it’ll be fuel. I’d be surprised if the breather is aluminium even though it’s light. It’s probably thin-walled steel - try a magnet.

All the XJs sold in rest of the world had twin 2" SUs,and straight-through inlet manifolds as God intended :heart_eyes:

Lou, the tube with the rubber boot goes down the intake side and is connected to both stromberg carbs with another part for the purpose of burning crankcase gasses. There is a tube on the front side of each carb for this.

The bottom (in the pic) of the other, longer tube attaches to a nipple on the crankcase breather casting that points to the left via a small rubber tube then it is attached to the top of the exhaust manifold heat shield with 2 small clips. Finally a rubber hose connects the top (in the pic) of the metal tube to the breathers large, cylindrical charcoal filter attached to the inner left fender well.

This is all for pre 73 US spec cars.