Am Back and Needy

Finally got around to re-upping to the new site. The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated. Was in Ireland for some weeks coming home to a pile of work that was not to be ignored (unlike the old girl sitting in the garage…yeesh). Good news is that the recent onslaught of that-work-thing may very well facilitate the parts purchase bonanza that will be involved the second round/swipe at the engine work. I don’t watch much TV, as I have no cable, but in a hotel, recently watched a couple of hours of one of the “limp your project in and like magic, and the cost of a good college tuition, it comes back better than ever” which sent me into a bit of a financial doldrum, as if I wasn’t there already, but made me more determined to do as much as I can so I can eventually send myself to some higher learning institute.

Did pickup in some web research (that part is inexpensive) someone using an old distributor to turn into a wrench of sorts to hold the drive gear in place from above when removing or installing the timing gear, below. Thot that was a great idea.

Can’t seem to log into to place an ad in the classified’s but wanted to know if either anybody has a donor junk dizzy to share (will pay shipping, readily) or can tell me if any of the early XJ’s have the same dog setup so I can go to the junkyard and pick the part from an XK engine.

Hope all had a good recent holiday and have notions of having a good new and ongoing year, in the offing.



'69 2+2 E-Type, color- London Fog under a pile of stuff in the garage
(Don’t know if my signature will come thru in the new posting setup)

Welcome home.

Could be that you need to make a certain number of posts before you get full site capability. Newbees get placed in a sandbox for a bit.

I believe about any XK engine distributor up to Series II distributor that used points will fit. Later ones might as well, but I’m not positive about that


Yes, the S3 XJ6 electronic dizzies fit as well. Folks put them in E-types along with the AB14 ignition amplifier.

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I was in Hawaii when the switch happened, and was also late getting up and going. Welcome back.


Welcome back.

What guides we have for the new platform are here:

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Glad to have you back! Now get to work! We need a photo of you in the typical Lloyd hat in your ID circle. We need your car year and type in the profile. We need two great photos of PRTYKTY in the profile too. You already got rithmetician in, that’s a start.

The deal is that you can’t do that in emails, I guess. You actually have to log in on the web. Just once though, then you can use the ultra-archaic email approach for everything else.


No rest for the wicked…

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