Am I the only owner here?

(Jag-ur) #1

Does no one else admit to owning one ? I am always looking for any related ephemerae … if anyone comes across anything. Must be factory. I am specifically looking for an air jack NOS and the tax disc.

(j limongelli) #2

Send me a pm, Theres one man here in the states you would know, he might have some stuff as he brought them in.
PM me
good luck

(Brian Mellis) #3

Yes, it must be lonely at the top and a heavy responsibility I’m sure. But nice to know that we have a standard bearer at the front of the pack for the rest of us E-type pilots . Is yours a 12 or 6? . best regards and keep on jaggin. Brian / Mytype

(Doug Dwyer) #4

Godfrey, as you know, I have one in my care…but not in my ownership.

After years of reliable (but infrequent) use the darn thing recently refused to start. I haven’t had to to dig into the problem beyond determining it has a fuel delivery problem. Specifically, no fuel delivery at all !

When my schedule opens up I’m sure I’ll be asking for help


(Jag-ur) #5

hello Brian mine is a 6 cyl. only the 1988 show car was a 12… although one has been modified at the request of the owner by Don Law into a 12. A couple of the early prototypes had the Huffaker engine in them one of which I know survives… It had a bit of a chequered history as someone attempted to circumvent the US regulations to bring it to the US years ago… and got caught at it. Go on mine is 220625.

(Jag-ur) #6

I’ll do what I can… I do now have a complete engine management /fault finding system diagnostic kit from Xytek/Jaguar this is absolutely essential for any problems such as this …To my knowledge it is possibly one of two left in NA that actually work… The kit offered by the Coventry foundation doesn’t cover the 220. just the production TWR… XJR/S XKR/S cars. My initial suggestion would be that the fuel in the fuel cell has gelled… but it could be a myriad other things.

(Doug Dwyer) #7

That’s exactly my worry.


(Jag-ur) #8

If so you may have a serious problem… don’t forget the tank is a bladder it is full of open cell foam blocks… if it is older than six years it is timed out. be careful if the insurance company finds out you might not have any. G

(Doug Dwyer) #9

Thus my worry.

Not insurance. The fuel cell.

Near as I can tell it’s an engine-out job to pull the tank.


(Jag-ur) #10

Do you have the workshop manual ?

(Doug Dwyer) #11

Yes, though I’ve not gotten much further than perusal. I’m sure the manual and I will become very well acquainted, though :slight_smile:


(Jag-ur) #12

If you do take the engine out you must have the ECU reset when it is re installed or it won’t work.

(Ian) #13

I can remember the cry’s of , shame and disbelief, when it come to light they was replacing the V12 , for a Mini Metro engine , I think it’s still a shame !mgrev6r4_06%5B1%5D

(Robin O'Connor) #14

Not quite a mini metro engine :slight_smile:

(Ian) #15

No not Quite but too close , still they got it right in the XJR-15 :sunglasses:

(Jag-ur) #16

it is a better engine.

(Doug Dwyer) #17


Well, this project will obviously a lot of forward planning.

But, first things first. I haven’t even gotten as far as pulling the fuel filters yet.


(Jag-ur) #18

Without wishing to sound uncharitable… are you SURE you want to tackle this ? It ain’t no Etype engine.

(Doug Dwyer) #19

Not at all sure, and no uncharitable-ness perceived :slight_smile:

Besides getting in way over my head and making things worse I can envision a huge time sponge.

Is there anyone in the USA who works on them?

Still, I’d like to at least narrow down the diagnosis. I’d hate to send the car off to some faraway place, at great expense and bother…only to learn it was something I could have repaired myself.


(Jag-ur) #20

Doug …in all honesty there is no longer anyone in NA who has the experience to repair and maintain these cars. NO ONE despite what some will insist to the contrary. Do yourself a BIG favour… send the car to Don Law for a full overhaul. He has the experience, facilities, parts at his fingertips, and your owner will have the satisfaction of having had the car returned to ‘Mecca’ Screwing around with these cars will cost more that the shipping in the long run. Everything about these cars is special… even the transmission fluid. No you can’t use regular ATF… unless you want to bugger a very expensive tranny. This is what I did with mine and am very glad I did… Send it in an enclosed container through Panama … don’t use rail to the East coast… there are little boys with rifles who seem to think that shipping containers make good targets. A couple of bullet holes in that body could make for a very expensive repair bill , and the car will lose value as a result. Another thing… if you do sent the car to Don… remember to keep the owners wallet and the treasures in the trunk with you… The plasticised silver covers of the manuals will alligator if they get too hot during shipment and you can’t fix it… there are a number now which suffer from this problem. As for the other bits and pieces… Don is as honest as the day is long… but these are items he doesn’t need and will save the issue of keeping track of them. Tuck them away somewhere safe… or give them to the owner … so he can look after them, many are increasingly irreplaceable. FWIW Godfrey Ps do NOT send the car to Jaguar… they have neither the experience nor the parts to repair these cars… despite their fancy new facilities.