Amazing MK5 on Ebay

No affiliation, but saw this beautiful example on Ebay in Poland. Of course its missing a tool or two in the tool box so that’s a deal breaker!!!



Is it me, of it sitting waaay too low in the front?

I just read the description: Engrish was not the sellers first language…!

Does look like its a bit low but otherwise noice!

except its “road coloured”…or as I sometimes say “death colored”

Will never own a grey car, since one emerged like a chamelion right in front of me, while doing an overtake, lots of Chrome would help

Yes it most certainly is and it’s probably dangerous. The person who restored the car didn’t read the manual about adjusting the ride height with the torsion bars! :thinking: It would worry me about the standard of the rest of the work undertaken. The owner or restorer must have really liked the grey to have painted the block and the air cleaner grey? :thinking:

Again it seems lazy to finish the tool tray and the tool tray lid in different greens?

Nope, it’s not you, the front torsion bar suspension needs adjustment. :slight_smile: It’s lovely but surprisingly they got all the colours wrong, which is far too common nowadays. But at least it has the right engine. :slight_smile:


Pekka T.

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I like the gray on gray… but then again, I like poiple!

I had the same question, re: if they fudded up the torsion bars…

The wood is too dark and too shiny.
Battleship grey with red leather would have been nicer, in my view

Its a shame really - looks like a lot of time and effort, and a high quality restoration - but clearly a lack of knowledge and/or interest in authentic detail. Just as easy to repaint a car in a correct colour as in an incorrect colour - if you have the knowledge or care. Same comment re everything else.

But I have to say, in the scheme of restored Mark V tool kits I have seen, this one is far better than most, other than comment about lazy matching of green lining of Lid.

Still lots of room to improve tool kit which for want of an indication, as pictured looks about 60% when you consider items missing, existing items wrong, or existing items not refinished authentically.

Well, perhaps the restorer/owner painted the car to suit his/her tastes, not to satisfy a bunch of purists’ sniffy opinions. There’s no “shame” in that.

These cars are not always about “proper” colors, or the “right” upholstery.

It’s your car: do with it as you please, and maybe we can all get off our high horses, about its “impropriety.”

Fix the t-bars… and drive it!

Nice to see you used the apostrophe of possession in the correct place! :grin:

I was concerned that the ride height might be dangerous when it’s relatively easy to fix so I messaged the seller and hope that he fixes it, then he will have an admirable car.

I have to say I quite like the colour scheme.


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Hey! The Jesuits done a good job wiff me!


Good man, Paul!

The Jesuits are great educators. They taught me Theology at university a long time ago and I enjoyed it very much. :innocent:


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I actually like that color

however grey blends with the road…all the chrome on a mk5 helps make it visible

I can still remember the make of the car…a grey Mitsubishi Magna, (saw the little badge, and the whites of the other drivers eyes) no chrome, faded mottled paintjob, no contrasts at all

one of my 9 lives used up

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I received a nice e-mail from the owner of the MKV on eBay. They were very thankful as they were unaware of the issue and will have it rectified straight away. Anyway, I guess it’s nice to help where one can?



Hi Tony,
When I was 21 I owned a 1960 3.8 MK2 MOD, all matching numbers and unrestored. I bought it from a retired doctor who lived around the corner from me in Sydney. I recommissioned it and it was my pride and joy. Driving along the Comenarra Parkway at about 8.00pm one Summer evening, the driver of a Nissan Pulsar veered across to my side of the road without warning and we had a head on collision. The driver of the Nissan was seriously injured (before I got to him :wink:) and was unconscious. An ambulance happened to be coming by and the driver was taken away. The ambulance driver said he would be okay. I walked away from the Jag shaken and stirred but not injured. The car was deemed a right-off so my pride and joy was sent to the scrap yard. It has taken me thirty years to find a replacement.

I guess that was one of my nine lives too? I guess that’s why I have an affection for Jag’s. :innocent:


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Gosh! That must be an unusual encounter of modern with ancient. I hope Denis is reading this considering his encounter with a Golf (Rabbit) who was on the the wrong side of the road.