Ammeter xk 140 pegs out right

Voltage regulator replaced charging volts about 13,5 at 2000,Ammeter pegs to 30+ with fairly low idle.Needle deviates left with ignition on.Coil nor v regulator are hot.I can bring amps down to about 15 with the headlights on.The battery at rest is about 11.9 -12,2.Other functions seem to work well. Suggestions?? Would it be on to run it with the lights on.Do I need a battery? Thanks everyone Cecil Durham

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It sounds like you need a battery. If you are putting 13.5 volts across a battery it should pull nothing if it is charged. If yours pulls 30 A then it is bad. Also, a charged battery should show 13.5 V, not 12, so that is another indication of a bad battery. Turn on the lights with the engine off and measure the battery voltage. If it is about 10V then you have a shorted cell, which is a common failure mode.

Go to your FLAPS and ask them to do a load test on the battery, that should confirm if has a bad cell or two.


I guess it is because you toyed with the battery cutout setting. The battery is discharging through the generator.

I hope you marked the original settings with pencil!


Possibly but it’s back where it was but will ck again.The battery seems to drop overnight,doesn’t hold a charge so I’m thinking it may be the culprit.

I charged it overnight and if it charges fully will see what happens to the ammeter this am.will test the charge with 5he headlights.Thsnks

Hope to figure it out without that,Thanks

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