An Exhaust-ing Question

I was just looking over the weekly ad flier from one of our usual parts suspects, and noticed something in particular in it. They are having a sale on new exhaust system components this week for several models ($390 for a pair of front mufflers for our XJSes - not bad, btw :+1: ). The mufflers for the XJS front are listed as “stainless steel”, but not those for any of the other models. I thought ALL Jag models use SS exhaust components - one of the hallmarks of a Jag ? :confused:

Unfortunately, that’s not true.

Wow, I could have sworn back when I had my XJ40s (one of the models though not mentioned in the sale ad) they were touted as having SS systems, and therefore we would never have to worry about replacing any part of same (absent physical impact damage). I was thinking possibly the same for the X-300s (which was one of the modes that was included in the ad). :confused: So, generally the SS systems were only used in the XJS models?

I can only answer with respect to the XJS - there may be portions that are SS, but I vividly remember the over the axle pipes are prone to rust out (holes) where they dip down on the aft side of the axle shafts.

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I didn’t think stainless exhausts were that uncommon. My 2000 Ford Taurus (RIP) had stainless exhausts.

The exhaust and mufflers are still original on my 1996 XJS. They look like they’re in good shape even after all these years too!

Low grade stainless exhaust systems became common with catalytic converters; manufacturers had to guarantee compliance with emissions for 5 years/50000 miles- any rust through upstream of the catalysts would cause a fail. Condensation caused a rusting issue for the rest of the systems due to operating temperatures of catalyst heated exhaust gases.

The stupid part is that, before that change, many of us car owners had been pleading with somebody to start offering SS exhaust systems because we were sick and tired of having to service those things constantly – for my grandparents’ Buick Riviera, it was a new system every 3 months – yet we were repeatly told that SS wouldn’t work for an exhaust system, it’d corrode through just as fast as regular steel.

Nowadays, exhaust systems almost never rot out, although GM seems to use mild steel for the hangers/supports.