An honourable eBay seller

UK eBay isn’t up to much anymore for Jaguar V12 engine parts as the stuff is either extremely overpriced or basically scrap. I recently placed a bid on a pretty ambiguous listing for “Jaguar V12 fuel injection System” - no one bid against me & I won the auction on Sunday, contacted the seller, made a 250 mile round trip on Monday, met the seller who was a very nice chap with a very interesting V12 e-type story, paid him for the items - I say “paid” due to the pitiful amount of money involved, the seller honoured the bid price of £1.00 Sterling or $1.31 at today’s commercial exchange rate,




Wow! Not sure how old this post is, but what a find! I hope you bought him a pint or two.

As good as winning a lottery ticket !!

Holy crap Batman!!
Maybe the wife told him the stuff had to go…too much clutter in the place

I am sorry but I would still have offered a “reasonable” price for the items so not to take advantage of the seller.

Yes I have won $1 bids on ebay items that are worth much more - an always have offered to buy at a higher price - still get a bargain though and the seller at least is not ripped off.

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