And no heat today!

So for a few days it’s been around 63deg outside when I left for work but I wanted to ride with the top down so I put the defog to hot and rode in, in relative comfort. This morning it was 56deg and I thought I’d do the same thing. Of course this morning, no real heat! Drrrrrrrr! Well at least I could put the top up lol :grin:

Obviously the first thing to check is if the heater valve is jammed. Of course, they normally jam open, not shut.

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I just checked when I got home and my upper and lower heater core hoses are both equally hot. Hmmmm. The more I think about it the more I can’t remember if my fan was blowing. I’ll have to look into it

Well, they would be, wouldn’t they? The question is, are they as hot as they should be? Or have they merely been heated by being inside the engine compartment.

Checking the heater valve couldn’t be simpler. Just stick the vacuum hose in your mouth and suck. If it doesn’t move, it’s stuck.

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I should have said that the hoses were hot to the touch, like checking a radiator hose for flow, and measured 175ish with my laser thermometer. I will do the hose test tonight and see if it holds.

Ok so I tested after figuring out that weed eater fuel line was the right size! My valve seems to work perfectly, however when I hook up the hose from the car it doesn’t move at all. I tried sucking on that hose and it just draws air. I’m not exactly sure where the other end of the hose goes, although it looks like it goes to the passenger footwell. I wonder if I may have knocked something off when I was messing with the ECU

Update: I just read that it starts in the open not closed position. Oh well

Yeah, probably working fine. It’s very rare that the climate system calls for closing that heater valve.

So I guess we have confirmed that your heater valve is working properly and is open. So something else must be causing your lack of heat. Presuming your engine is running at the proper operating temperature, the next possibility is that the flaps that direct the air to either the cold deck or the warm deck are stuck on the cold deck side. Since you have a Delanair MkIII, I think that means one of your servos has expired – probably the one that’s a $%$% to get to. They’re not cheap, either.

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Ok kinda what I was thinking too. I wondered if it might have been a blend door type issue. I’ll have to do some research to see how exactly everything is put together. Thanks