And so it begins. Restoration of 1975 XJC

Have you ever thought of putting a LS1 in it?


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I know I’m painting mine blue!


Starting to strip the roof.
I am surprised to find that the steel sheet under the OEM primer shows quite a few “spots”, as if it got oxidized 45 years ago.

A spiff of neutralizing solution should take care of this for another few decades.


Are you referring to the leaded seams? Or the dark spots near the center rear of the roof?

The dark spots all over. I have seen nothing like this on any of the other panels.

I have now stripped about a third of the roof. There are definitely some “waves”… :frowning:

Finished stripping the roof, removed windshield, removed headliner (quite perished…). I can smell the end of the pre-paint job in the distance, behind the hills of epoxy and the river of primer…

The roof panel has a number of low spots, most of them are quite “bouncy”. I can see why Jaguar slapped a vinyl on there. This might require more than a DIY fix… I hope I will not regret selling a few weeks back the NOS vinyl I had kept religiously for 15 years…

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